Yahoo Mail Classic Upgrade

Yahoo must have realized that they have to upgrade Yahoo Mail Classic to catch up with the improvements in Google Gmail which introduced Google Voice Chat and Video Chat late last year. The Yahoo Mail Classic upgrade is truly timely. Yahoo Mail Classic update includes the following set of improvements to the old Yahoo Mail Classic:

Yahoo Mail Upgrade Option

List of Yahoo Mail Classic Upgrade Features and Improvements

Chat and Mobile Text from Your Inbox
Now sending an instant message or mobile text is as easy as sending an email. Look for the Chat & Mobile Text module above your personal folders in Mail Classic. Change your status to Available to get started.

Free Email Stationery!
Have fun choosing the perfect background for an email. Stationery adds a splash of color and helps you to turn an ordinary message into an extraordinary one.

Safe Image Handling
For quick message loading and top–notch spam protection, all images in emails are now initially blocked. To see them, just click Show Images—or go to Options to set SpamGuard to treat images differently.

Quick Message Flagging
Just click the dot to the left of the sender’s name. Or if the email’s open, click the flag in the header area. Bring ALL flags to the top with one click on the flag at the top of the flag column!

Easy “Forward As Attachment”
Windows users: Hold down Ctrl and click Forward to forward an email as an attachment. For Macs, hold down the Apple key, then click Forward.

Basic Folder Order
Capital–lettered names don’t appear first anymore in your alphabetized list of personal folders. To rename a folder, just click it, then by the folder name at the top of the page, click Rename.

Visible Signature
If you add a signature in Options, now you’ll actually see it each time you compose a message. Type above it. Then leave it as–is, change or delete it—just like any other text in an email.

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  1. ali reda says:

    a want to sent me a yahoo mail classic until dawnlwed

  2. Olayanju Jacob says:

    pls. upgrade and update my email to classic yahoo

  3. James benson macarthy says:

    kindly return me back to yahoo mail classic and please include at the left conner yahoo messenger for chatting to friends.

  4. sabrina says:

    Please bring back my yahoo where in I can chat in my email. Thank you.

  5. mary l lee says:

    just trying to get my email updated

  6. Joey Alizio Jr says:

    Hey! This Is How You Switch Back To Yahoo! Classic Mail..
    Mozilla FireFox..
    ThiS Is Easy And Fun…
    ToolS.. OptionS.. Content..
    Disable Javascript..
    Boom! Go To Your Yahoo! Email..
    Refresh The Page..
    Switch Back To The ClaSSIc Yahoo! Mail..
    That You Love The Most!

    Go Back!
    Don’t Forget To Re-Enable Javascript!

  7. isabel says:

    love the out view of yahoo classic

  8. rajak says:

    yahoo7 is a worst app i need yahoo older version now

  9. ella stocking says:

    I want old classic email back

  10. elle says:

    Do we have to upgrade to the newer yahoo? I keep getting messages saying I must do it before 9-16-2011. Are we being forced to do it? So if I do not shoose the new version–will Yahoo automatuically upgrade me?

  11. russell nigel crane says:

    I often reinstall my operating system, I do not like windows seven and have had a lot of trouble tweaking it. I am now back with XP.

  12. RAC says:

    If you want your yahoo classic back, get off line, lower your screen resolution, and log back in. The newer versions of yahoo mail cannot support the low resolution and will ask you if you want to switch back.

  13. aone says:

    my inbox not open

  14. Rand Sutor says:

    Please, please, please, I want my Yahoo Mail Classic back! I’ve had this new screwed up Yahoo for a week or so, and I can’t stand it. I’ve been trying to change back but can’t. Are you people preventing this? That’s a bunch of You know what!!! I want my classic back!!! You don’t know what it’s like to have to use something you’re not use to, and hate. I’m not only use to the Classic, but I love it! And I want it back!!!

  15. Saeed fahad says:

    my yahoo mail upgrade to yahoo mail classic

  16. somayeh says:

    I prefer the classic yahoo mail. Please keep the original classic yahoo mail available.

  17. Anietie says:

    I prefer the yahoo mail classic. Please, keep the original Mail classic intact.

  18. joyce jones says:

    i think i should have had a choice to go on this new yahoo mail i dont like change as i am now going to be without my computer if i dont get the old classic back only just go guesed it it

  19. nazishanwar says:

    plz upgrade my mail option i have some problems in reading my mail

  20. jack john says:

    I prefer the classic yahoo mail. Please keep the original classic yahoo mail available.

  21. romeo regala says:

    upgrade my yahoo mail classic from older version to newer version

  22. Risi says:

    I prefer the classic yahoo mail. Please keep the original classic yahoo mail available.

  23. Ronald Hinton says:

    Yahoo Mail is a nightmare, I’m done. Google Gmail, here I come.

  24. Jackie Delk says:

    I need you to change my yahoo mail back to classic I cannot get it back now I can’t get my yahoo mail

  25. ernesto serquina says:

    i want to upgrade my yahoo email

  26. parvinder says:

    there is problem of attachment in yahoo mail

  27. victorzendejas says:

    thank you yahoo

  28. alex says:

    i need to upgrade my yahoo mail classic

  29. MD.NAJMUL HOQUE says:

    i need yahoo mail classic

  30. john paduano says:

    how do i get back to classic, much better. jp.

  31. mohamed lakdar says:

    My yahoo mail does not work, it goes out as soon as I open.

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  33. christy says:

    i would like to change to the classic version of yahoo for my email account

  34. vilma francisco says:

    please send me back the yahoo! messenger classic for vista. thank you

  35. victor deleon says:

    I wish to get back to the in box mail but your suggestions wont let me go back

  36. Kazi Farhana Nasrin says:


    When i enter the yahoo classic, i get to see the new button instead of composer button on page. How can i recover the composer button? Plz upgrade my yahoo mail classic if possible.


  37. dick reynolds says:

    where can i get updates for yahoo mail classic? i have tried help. I have google it, but still can’t find it?


  38. OldYahooUser says:

    I agree completely!! Classic should stay classic and those that want new and improved should have that choice.

  39. Yogesh says:

    Upgrade my yahoo mail from older version to newer version.

  40. Soon to be Gmailer says:

    Very DANGEROUS NEW CHAT FEATURE allows anyone to see your online status whether they are on your Approved Friends list or not.!!

    This new feature now lets ANYONE who has a Yahoo email account to monitor you while you are logged into the Chat Feature in your inbox. This is a huge and unfortunate change from the Stand Alone Separate Yahoo Messenger product. When using the stand alone product you had to approve people to be on your friends list before they could see if you were online or off. With the stand alone messenger you could also set individual preferences for each individual person on your friends list to control if they could see your online status or not.

    The new Inbox Chat & Mobile Text feature in your inbox now allows anyone access anytime to see if you are online when you change your status to online.

    We tested this scenario by setting up a BRAND NEW Yahoo email address and adding the email address of our present account into the new email accounts address/contacts list. It instantly showed the online status of the account that was logged in through the inbox feature. This is a very INTRUSIVE! The new email address had absolutely no connection to the existing yahoo email address just seconds before setting it up. The New email account was granted instant Friends status to our old address – simply by just adding the email address to the contact list.

    So if there is anyone out there that has problems with anyone one that may be a Cyber-Stalker or worse a Physical Stalker – I would AVOID Yahoo altogether. All the Stalker has to do is setup a new Yahoo Email account and add your email address to their contacts list and then they can see you anytime that you login to Yahoo and activate the Chat Feature. If you use the new Inbox Chat Feature as your source to Chat you will always be in danger of exposing yourself to anyone with a Yahoo address by simply logging in.

    If you use the Yahoo Mobile IM feature on your phone you are exposed showing you on your Mobile IM through this new feature as well.

    If you constantly have to show yourself as invisible to all just to insure that you are not exposed to the prying eyes of those you do not want to know your status – What is the point of the messenger service? Its original intent was to be a way to socialize with people in real time in the cyber world. If you are always invisible in IM you are not really using the IM service as it was originally intended, that was the whole reason for the Friends List and having to approve those people you wanted to include in your circle of trust.

    What a shame that Yahoo Messenger team did not think this problem through before implementing this feature site wide and as you can see from this blog post the comments are Mostly AGAINST this New Feature for a ton of different reasons. Why cant the Yahoo Messenger team get the hint that the users want to be allowed to get rid of this feature from their inbox if they so choose to do so, not just change the status to offline.

    Just a warning to Yahoo users everywhere – be aware you are now possibly being monitored whenever you are online.

    Yahoo give us our Classic Mail back and Keep us SAFE!!!!

    Be Careful fellow Yahooers,