MG4 Mail Yahoo Launch Down | Yahoo Mail Outage

MG4 Mail Yahoo Launch was down yesterday, October 26, due to an outage. Twitter users have posted their complaints because they were not able to open their Yahoo Mail accounts. For people who only use a Yahoo Mail account, the MG4 Mail Yahoo Launch problem caused them much. The exact cause of the MG4 Mail Yahoo Launch outage was not revealed. So far, Yahoo Mail (MG4 Mail Yahoo Launch) is now up and running smoothly.

Yahoo Mail Official Logo

Yahoo Mail Official Logo

According to MG4 Mail Yahoo Launch or Yahoo! Mail program manager, Andrew Molyneux, the MG4 Mail Yahoo Launch failure was an isolated incident. The problem (MG4 Mail Yahoo Launch outage) affected only a small fraction of Yahoo Mail users and not a system-wide problem. As of the moment, the MG4 Mail Yahoo Launch problem is already resolved. However, the few moments Yahoo Mail downtime left a bad impression among Yahoo Mail users.

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  1. magdygamil says:

    can not my email i am not happy

  2. soor says:

    can not open my emails what to do

  3. henk says:

    can not open my emails what to do


  4. rayaz pariag says:

    can not open my e- mails

  5. nerissa says:

    i was not able to access yahoo chat..when i downloaded the mozilla ver4….

  6. Carl Snare says:

    Unable to log into my mail account at Yahoo for a long time now. Giving up and using other mail accounts.

  7. Ross ann C. Bautista says:

    Can’t open my Yahoo emails. Please help me what to do…

  8. Dave Chamberlain says:

    Unable to open Rocketmail (Yahoo) today, 23/06/2010. Yahoo has been very unreliable recently. Even though I report Feedback I never receive a reply. Not happy especially since I use Yahoo Mail Plus. Will not be paying again.

  9. michael Christ says:

    What is going on with you people,why can i not access my yahoo mail????

  10. shantell says:

    hi am shantell and i cant not go in my yahoo email wat is going on.

  11. ray swick says:

    cannot open yahoo mail what can i do

  12. Dreama Eck says:

    I am unable to access my e-mail. Have very urgent documents that need retrieved this could become very costly for me.

  13. Bindhya Pradhan says:

    Since today morning I cannot open my yahoo mail account – gives me mail launch outage failure message. I tried now and it still does not open. What can I do??

  14. tony johnson says:


  15. simon beck says:

    still cannot access my yahoo email account – not happy!