Kindle 2.0 (Kindle 2) is a Practical Gadget

The latest wireless Ebook reader, Kindle 2.0 (or Kindle 2, depending on your preference) is in my opinion a practical solution to problems related to space. With its light weight and ergonomic design, Kindle 2 is really a space-saver. As a researcher in the Philippines, who bring books almost everywhere I go, this is indeed a practical gadget. It’s 3G-enabled and downloading of Ebooks is allegedly faster than its predecessor. However, the only limitation to the use of Kindle 2 is that Ebooks that I need might not be readily available.

Also, in the Philippines, I’m not sure at this time what network/s will support this high-tech Ebook reader like Kindle 2. There are only two strong candidates – Globe Telecoms (which supports iPhone 3G) and Smart Telecoms – the country’s biggest archrival companies.

Moreover, I have evaluated’s offer a few minutes ago. Though the availability of Kindle 2 online is a few days from now, Kindle 2’s availability in the Philippines is something that I have to verify in the next few days. With this new gadget, I believe my problems with space and weight (in bringing books with me outside my home) will be addressed. I sincerely hope so. On the other hand, at the back of my mind I am considering the disadvantages of using an Ebook reader. Kindle 2 might be good for books that are not frequently shared. For books that are shared by students during my lectures, I just don’t think it will click.

This leads me to think about the pros and cons of getting an Ebook reader because I usually do not read fiction. What I usually read are programming and mathematics books and other reading materials. I’m leaning towards getting one for myself and one for my wife despite this. This is because in evaluating the worth of a product, I make sure the advantages outweigh its disadvantages. So far, buying Kindle 2’s more advantageous after carefully evaluating all the factors involved but I still have to check the shipping cost of this item to the Philippines.

Based on past experiences, there were even cases when I had to pay more for the shipping cost of some electronic gadgets than their actual prices. Sometimes, this gives me the reason to just wait for the product to become available in my place. I just hope the shipping cost of Kindle 2 will not be as higher than the suggested retail price online ;-)

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