JooJoo Tablet PC Release Date in Countries Outside US, Canada and Europe Delayed

Earlier last month, Fusion Garage announced the release date of JooJoo Tablet PC. Unfortunately, due to a manufacturing issue involving the 12.1-inch capacitive touch screen display, the February commercial launch of the JooJoo Tablet PC was scrapped. The company has identified the problem and has rectified it. The JooJoo’s production is back in full swing.However, a new player is doing good also, the WePad Tablet PC, a German-made product which is creating some buzz online nowadays for its intent to rival the iPad.

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Photo of the Joojoo Tablet PC: a Cheap Tablet PC

Fusion Garage is confident that no other postponement is in sight that is why they confirmed that JooJoo Tablet PC release date was slated on March 25. The 12.1-inch display on the JooJoo is the world’s largest capacitive touch screen and it beats the 9.7-inch display of the Apple iPad. This distinction is not sufficient, the company is once again intent on beating the April 3 launch of the iPad that is why they are committed to JooJoo’s commercial launch on March 25 but this did not seem the case as until now, the JooJoo tablet is only available in the US, Canada, UK and other European countries. Those living in Asian countries and other continents will have to wait for its release in their regions. However, pre-orders can now be made on the manufaturer’s website ( The shipping fee is free for buyers in the US and Canada.

The JooJoo Tablet PC will also sell for $499 (low price) and experts are predicting it can be a hit among price-conscious buyers who dislike the Apple iPad Tablet PC for its high cost. This is even more so with the price set for the iPad 3G model whose prices range from $629-829 (depending on the storage capacity, the price gets higher).

CEO Chandra disclosed that his company Fusion Garage has negotiated successfully with Malaysia’s largest OEM, CSL Group. The CSL Group will do the production and they will also shoulder all the manufacturing expenses. In return, CSL will get a percentage of revenue from each JooJoo Tablet PC unit to be sold.

This novel manufacturing agreement is a very strategic move for Fusion Garage. CSL’s approval to spend for upfront manufacturing costs will ensure JooJoo’s easy entry to the mass-market category. It was also revealed that the CSL Group invested money on the struggling start-up company of Chandra back in November 2009 and has again infused additional investment on it last month. CSL Group was established in 1998 and is one of biggest manufacturing company in South East Asia that makes cellphone, mobile gadgets, netbooks and laptops. This privately-held Malaysian OEM reportedly made more than $300 million in sales in 2009.

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