iPad 3 Features: World’s Highest Resolution Display on The New iPad

The iPad 3 Release Date and Price in the US were officially announced by Apple on March 06, 2012. The biggest feature in The New iPad is its high-resolution display which makes it officially the World’s Highest Resolution display on a device that’s even better than HDTV.

The New iPad or iPad 3rd Generation is the first to have more than 3.1 million pixels (2048×1536 pixel resolution). It’s a major breakthrough for Apple’s Retina display that delivers razor-sharp text and more vibrant colors. It has 4x more pixels than the previous model as shown in the iPad 2 Features and Technical Specs.

Apple iPad 3 Highlighted Features

Apple iPad 3rd Gen can connect with up to 3 other iOS devices at the same time.

To assist the iPad 3’s stunning display, Apple gave it a dual-core A5x processor which is not the quad-core chip like the one on Acer A510 Tegra 3 Quad-Core Iconia Tab.

However, Apple accompanied the A5x chip with a quad-core graphics processor for the ultimate gaming experience.

Apple iPad 3 Tablet PC also boasted its 5MP iSight camera that shoots gorgeous photos using the same advanced optics as the Apple iPhone 4S: 5th Generation iPhone. It can also record 1080p HD videos up to 30 fps.

One of the biggest features on The New iPad or iPad 3 is its next generation wireless technology. It works with more bands than any device around these days. iPad 3 can connect using Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM, UMTS, GPS, CDMA and 4G LTE.

To accompany the new technologies in the New iPad, Apple also improved their softwares such as iPhoto, iMovie and others. If the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S got Siri intelligent assistant, the iPad 3 also got Dictation wherein talking is the new typing.


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