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Although we have previously compared the prices of two of the cheapest Tablet PC’s in our previous article titled “Cheap Tablet PC Velocity Micro Cruz vs Dreambook ePad A10 as the Cheapest Tablet PC in the Market“, there are some other manufacturers that sell cheap Tablet PC powered by Windows 7 and Android OS. We have covered them here in this site but have only made a price comparison of affordable Tablet PC models mentioned in the previous post.

As a simple buyer’s guide to choosing the cheapest tablet PC with the best price, we would like to offer you the following list of articles for your perusal. Check them out individually to determine their product specs and features then post here what you believe is the best tablet PC based on value for money:

  1. Freescale SmartBook: Cheap Tablet PC For $199 Only
  2. DreamBook ePad A10 – New Windows 7 Tablet PC from Australia
  3. Notion Ink Adam Tablet PC Review: Cheaper but Better than Apple iPad
  4. Archos 9 PCTablet With Windows 7 Edition Review: Not A Good Combo
  5. MSI WindPad U100 Tablet PC Technical Specs and Features Leaked
  6. Cheap Marvell All-in-One Tablet PC Compatible With Linux, Android and Windows OS
  7. WePad Tablet PC (Now Known as WeTab) Set to Rival Apple iPad in the Tablet PC Market
  8. Viewsonic Vtablet 101 Android-Powered Tablet PC Launched in China: US and UK Soon to Follow
  9. JooJoo Tablet PC Release Date in Countries Outside US, Canada and Europe Delayed

Some of you may disagree that the Tablet PC price comparison in the articles linked above may not be considered or categorized as “cheap” but wait till you read the prices of other Tablet PC models like Xplore iX104C4 Rugged Tablet PC, Apple iPad and HP Slate PC, then you might change your minds about our interpretation of the phrase “Cheap Tablet PC”.

Notion Ink Adam Tablet PC Sample Photo Latest

Cheap Notion Ink Adam Tablet PC Model is a Sensational Gadget

Feel free to check out Samsung Galaxy Tab, Blackberry Tablet PC, and HTC Tablet – some of the newer models soon-to-be released. These are pricey though but they worth a good look if you have some cash to spare on gadgets.

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