Amazon’s Kindle 2 is One Cool Ebook Reader

The new wireless reading device named Kindle 2 is so far the best Ebook reader out there. Kindle 2 will be released on the last week of February 2009. The release date of Kindle 2 is being anticipated by millions of online shoppers, hence, Amazon even advised the public to place their orders online even before Kindle 2’s release date. The suggested retail price of Kindle 2 is under $400.

Kindle 2 Wireless Ebook Reader Sample Photo (in Use)

Kindle 2 Ebook Reader Sample Photo (Front View)

Kindle 2 Wireless Ebook Reader Sample Photo 3 (Slim as a Pencil)

If you love to travel and bring your books with you, I suggest you get a Kindle 2 wireless Ebook reader. It can hold 230,000 Ebooks or more (depending on Ebook filesize) so you can be sure all the books that you love to read while you’re outdoors are in your pocket. Yup, in your pocket. Why? Kindle 2 is a very slim Ebook reader – as slim as a pencil! Kindle 2 is indeed one of the few gadgets I plan to to buy this year.

To give you an idea about the basic features of Kindle 2, read the following excerpt:

  • Slim: Just over 1/3 of an inch, as thin as most magazines
  • Large Selection: Over 230,000 books plus U.S. and international newspapers, magazines, and blogs available
  • Lightweight: At 10.2 ounces, lighter than a typical paperback
  • Books in Under 60 Seconds: Get books delivered in less than 60 seconds; no PC required
  • Wireless: 3G wireless lets you download books right from your Kindle, anytime, anywhere; no monthly fees, service plans, or hunting for Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Improved Display: Reads like real paper; now boasts 16 shades of gray for clear text and even crisper images
  • Longer Battery Life: 25% longer battery life; read for days without recharging
  • More Storage: Take your library with you; holds over 1,500 books
  • Faster Page Turns: 20% faster page turns
  • Low Book Prices: New York Times Best Sellers and New Releases $9.99, unless marked otherwise
  • Read-to-Me: With the new Text-to-Speech feature, Kindle can read every book, blog, magazine, and newspaper out loud to you

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