Amazon Plans to Give Free Kindle Ebook Readers to Prime Subscribers

The online retailing giant is taking swipe at Apple’s aggressive encroachment to its e-book dominance. Jeff Bezos is obviously irate at Apple’s decision to offer iPad book publishers the right to price their electronic versions —- therefore undercutting Amazon’s fixed $9.99 rate per digital book rate. Most publishing giants are now defecting to the Apple iPad Tablet PC platform and abandoning the Kindle. It has been the main selling point of Kindle since 2007, cheap electronic bestsellers at a fixed $9.99.

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Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader to be Given Away Free

Amazon has hinted it is mulling giving away free Kindle units to its loyal Amazon Prime subscribers. They are trying to figure out a way to do this without losing serious money. In case you don’t know an Amazon Prime subscription is a service that gives buyers free 2-day shipping on everything they purchase on Amazon. This value-add on service currently costs $75/year. The Amazon prime subscribers are Amazon’s best customers who buy multiple items from its website.

Details of the Free Kindle Promo by Amazon

Amazon Free Kindle Promo Details Page

They are the ones who buy at least 2 or more items every month and Amazon wants to offer them a bonus of a free Kindle. Jeff Bezos is being a shrewd general and with this free Kindle gimmick, he hopes to keep the loyalty of its existing customers. Amazon has already offered a free open source version of the Kindle’s Software Development Kit to outside app developers in the hope of competing with Apple’s multi-purpose iPad tablet. The Kindle is no longer to be a mere e-book reader but will soon be running apps like other touch screen tablet pc’s and desktop computers. Read more about this in our article titled “Download Free Kindle App for Mac OS X and Snow Leopard (System Requirements Discussed)“. You might also be interested in the incompatibility of iPad Ebook Features and Kindle, which frustrates some buyers.

This free Kindle offer isn’t actually free per se on the outset but the bottomline is you can get it for free after a few hassle. Amazon is offering a sweet proposal to its Amazon Prime subscriber the option to buy a Kindle for the regular price but should they decide they don’t like it, they can get full refund and get still get to keep the Kindle! I’m very sure people (even those who only buy 1 or 2 items per month from Amazon) who will read this article will get an Amazon Prime subscription just for the sake of getting a free Kindle. This promotion is open to abuse that is why Amazon is still in a dilemma on how to implement it without getting ripped off by wise guys. They already tried this surreptitiously last January 2010 on a select number of Amazon Prime customers, right before Apple launched its iPad tablet.

Insiders have hinted it was a successful trial run of the free Kindle promo and now they are set to offer it to all Amazon Prime subscribers after they finalize safety plans for this program. They are wary of guys like me, I will only $75 for an Amazon Prime account and buy a Kindle — and then get my full refund while I still get to keep this amazing e-reader.

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