Emerson 1618848 Black 8-Device Universal Jumbo Remote Control Buttons

The Emerson 1618848 remote control is a ridiculously large 8-device universal remote. It has 18 control keys or control buttons that glow in the dark. Other great features of the Emerson 1618848 Black 8-Device Universal Jumbo Remote were given in a previous post. Now, let’s get into Emerson 1618848 universal remote control’s buttons and their functions.

Here is the list of Emerson 1618848 Black 8-Device Universal Jumbo Remote Buttons and their specific functions:

Emerson 1618848 Black 8-Device Universal Jumbo Remote Control Glow-In-The-Dark Buttons

Emerson 1618848 Black 8-Device Universal Jumbo Remote Control Glow-In-The-Dark Buttons

1. Code Search: Used to program the remote to search though codes
2. Signal Indicator Light: The indicator light flashes to show that the remote is working properly
3. On/Off Button: Operates the same as your original remote
4. Sleep: Allows you to set a time for you to turn off your device automatically
5. Guide: Brings up the on-screen TV program guide if your device has that feature
6. Menu: Brings up the Main Menu
7. Go Back: Allows you to go to the previous channel you selected
8. Mute: Mutes the volume on the TV
9. Cable, TV, VCR, DVD, SAT: Used to select the device you want to control
10. 0-9: The number buttons operate the same as on your original remote, and are used for entering device codes
11. Enter: Used to complete channel selection for some brads of TV. It is also used to complete the code entry process
12. TV/VCR: Operates the TV/VCR function of your VCR
13. Navigation buttons & OK: Used to move though on screen menu and guides. With some DBS models the INFO button should be used to select the highlighted item. Use the navigation buttons up, down, left, or right to make selection.
14. Vol & CH: the Vol (Volume) and CH (Channel) buttons increase or decrease the volume or channel numbers
15. Reverse, Play, Forward, Rec, Stop, Pause: These buttons are for DVD/VCR/DVR use, and operate the same as on your original VCR or remote. You must press the REC button twice to begin recording
16. Input: Selects the video inputs of your TV if equipped with this feature
17. Info: Shows the date and the time if your TV or VCR has that feature. Functions the sale as display button
18. Clear: Removes the on screen display to return to normal viewing

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  1. Cindy Perez says:

    We have one of these remotes, but the manual does not have a code for a Vizio television. We can do a manual search and get it to turn on and off, but the “input” button, among others, does not function. We need the “input” feature in order to switch our tv’s input from television to dvd, etc. Please supply us with the proper code. Thanks!

  2. […] size of remote control is mainly intended for the elderly or young people with blurred vision. This Emerson 1618848 Remote Control’s huge buttons with large printed text or numbers will serve just […]

  3. Kleo Boyles says:

    I bought remote Emerson 1623645, not this Emerson 1618848 Black 8-Device Universal Jumbo Remote Control. I have a Toshiba TV about a year old. I am trying to program the remote. I was able to find the code but cannot get the channels to go up or down. How can I do this?