LG T-Mobile G Slate Android Tablet PC Pre-order Accepted by Mobilecity Online

Right on the same day that Apple held a special event for their latest iPad 2, Mobilecity has started accepting pre-orders for LG electronics much-anticipated Tegra 2-equipped tablet, the T-Mobile G Slate! Check out this link — http://www.mobilecityonline.com/wireless/store/productdetail.asp?productid=27661. Mobilecity is doing a special pre-order sale for the LG T-Mobile G Slate Android Tablet PC for $699.99, $100 less than its original suggested retail price (SRP)!

LG T-Mobile G Slate Android Tablet Price, Release Date, Technical Specs

Mobilecity is the first online store to start accepting pre-orders for LG Electronics T-Mobile G Slate Android Tablet for $699.99.

The T-Mobile G Slate is uniquely in-between the iPad 2 Tablet PC and Samsung Galaxy Tab in terms of features and technical specs. It has an 8.9-inch display size. G Slate also comes with the vaunted dual-core 1GHz Tegra 2 chip and boasts two cameras just like the new iPad 2 tablet. The front-facing camera is 2-megapixel and the back-facing camera is capable of taking 3D pictures and video. However, no official word from LG as to the T-Mobile G Slate Android Tablet PC release date but we suspect it won’t take a month for it to become available in stores in the US, UK and Canada. We wish LG the best of luck when its T-Mobile G Slate 4G Android Tablet PC launch date arrives.

Also, while the iPad 2 commands massive brand name recognition, T-Mobile G Slate 4G Tablet might just give it serious competition. The new Android Honeycomb 3.0 OS, which is pre-installed in Motorola Xoom Smart Tablet PC, promises faster performance and better features compared to Samsung Galaxy Tab’s Android OS 2.2 Froyo which Google said was never optimized for the larger screen of tablet computers.

Again, if you aren’t impressed with the new iPad 2 tablet, the new LG T-Mobile G Slate Android Tablet PC is available for pre-order at Mobilecity with a $100 discount! It comes with 32GB of built-in storage and LG is boasting it will be capable of full HD 1080p 3D video recording. Nice!!!

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