iPad 2 Features and Technical Specs Officially Unveiled by Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, Apple’s greatest salesman took time off from his medical leave to personally unveil the second-generation of the iPad. Clad in his signature black turtleneck sweatshirt and customary jeans, Jobs revealed the iPad 2 to the world, proclaiming it to be twice faster than its predecessor!

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Why bother buying a Motorola Xoom for $720 when you can have the new Apple iPad 2 for as low as $499!

Apple started a new tablet craze last year when it debut the iPad. As per Jobs’ statement, his company sold more than 15 million iPad units less than a year after it came to market last April 2010. The Apple iPad’s nearest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet has so far managed only to sell around 2 million units. No other competitor can even claim any real success in selling tablet computers.

Jobs wants to continue this domination with the iPad 2 and they have listened to customer suggestions regarding the weaknesses of the original iPad. The Apple iPad 2 comes equipped with a Dual-Core 1Ghz A5 processor which is a clear dig against Nvidia Tegra 2 chips found on Motorola Xoom Android Tablet and Gigabyte S1080 Windows 7 Tablet PC. Next, Apple sweetly added not one but two cameras to the iPad 2! Most Android tablet users all agreed they decided not to buy the Apple iPad because it lacked a camera!

The Apple iPad 2 Tablet PC comes with a front-facing camera that records VGA resolution and a back-facing camera that can record 720p HD videos. With this addition, iPad 2 owners will be able to do FaceTime video calling to millions of iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac users!

Simply said, the iPad 2 is twice faster, thinner and has more features than the original. Surprisingly, Apple still promises the same 10-hour battery life despite the new dual-core CPU and dual camera. The iPad 2 release date and price will be posted in the next article.


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