Sony S2 Android Tablet PC Comes to the US Exclusive Via AT&T

AT&T announced on July 13, 2011 that they landed exclusive selling privilege for the unique dual-screen Sony S2 Android 3.0 Tablet PC, besides getting exclusive distribution rights for the new HP TouchPad 4G webOS 3.0 Tablet PC.

The Sony S2 Android 3.0 Tablet PC is also 4G-enabled which gives it an edge on other Android tablets like the Xoom and Galaxy Tab that are still stuck in 3G territory.

Sony S2 Android 3 Tablet PC Features

Sony S2 Dual-Screen Tablet PC with Android OS 3.0 Honeycomb

AT&T’s proclaiming itself as America’s fastest mobile broadband provider and it’s perhaps one of the convincing reasons why Sony decided to designate them as sole distributor for the S2 android tablet computer.

Verizon Wireless will dispute this claim of AT&T but it’s too late for them. The Sony S2 will be available for purchase from AT&T’s online store and retail branches.

The Sony S2 perked the public’s curiosity because of its unconventional design. Instead of being a normal 10-inch tablet like the iPad 2, this product has two 5.5-inch screens. The foldable design of this gadget reminds me of the Kyocera Echo. This type of design was first seen at the Toshiba Libretto W100 Dual-Screen Netbook.

This is another Tegra 2-powered device so expect the Sony S2 to perform well while multi-tasking. It ships with Android 3.0 Honeycomb and is therefore optimized for large screen gaming. Expect this to offer smooth 1080p video playback and trouble-free 3D gaming experience. The dual-screen makes for a distinctive look that will impress your co-workers. You can either use the second lower 5.5-inch virtual keyboard or use them both and operate it like any slate PC.

AT&T plans to offer the Sony S2 with different call and data package. Pricing and launch date will be announced by August or September 2011.

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