enTourage Pocket eDGe Mini DualBook Tablet PC + eReader on Sale at Amazon

So much negativity has been thrown between the camps of E-Ink and LCD screen proponents. E-Ink supporters have derided LCD screens for being power-hungry but the opposing camp belittles E-Ink’s black and white blandness.

Entourage Pocket EDge Mini DualBook Specs, Sale Price, Review

E Ink and LCD on 1 device? Yes, sir. The enTourage Pocket eDGe DualBook is a hybrid e-reader and LCD tablet computer.

enTourage comes to the rescue with their new 7-inch Pocket eDGe Mini DualBook tablet PC and e-reader device. This is  It is now available for purchase at Amazon for $399.99 only. The opposing arguments are null and void because the Pocket eDGe DualBook comes with both E Ink and LCD color screen!

The eDGe DualBook Tablet PC + eReader is a bit cumbersome because it comes with dual-screen, one LCD and the other E Ink. But nevertheless, it does solve the problem of most confused consumers. With this device, you enjoy full color tablet operations and yet still choose to use the E-Ink e-reader screen for power saving and usage under the sun.

If you need to take notes or read an e-book, use the DualBook’s 6-inch E Ink screen as an ebook reader. Should you choose to watch a movie or surf the net, then you can use the 7-inch LCD resistive display! This device boasts Wacom Penabled branding so you can use the Stylus like a mighty pen or drawing pencil! You can compare this model with Archos 101 and Sylvania 7″ Cheap Android 2.1 OS Tablet PC.

For the features and full technical specs, please read our succeeding article.

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