Blackberry Playbook Preview Shows Missing iPad Tablet PC Features and Specs

Two articles on Blackberry Playbook were posted here since yesterday. More Blackberry Playbook Tablet PC info can be found via these links: RIM Shows Off Blackberry Playbook Tablet PC aka Blackberry Blackpad and New Blackberry Playbook Tablet PC Technical Specs, Release Date and Price.

Judging by the looks of it, the new Blackberry Playbook was designed for professionals who know how to mix business and pleasure. Best of all, comparing the iPad and Blackberry Playbook, the latter capitalized on some of iPad’s hardware weaknesses which we wrote about in the post “Apple iPad Is Still Great Despite Weak Hardware Specs“.

Blackberry Playbook vs the iPad Tablet PC

Blackberry Playbook vs Apple Tablet PC: Which is Better?

First and most noticeable difference between the Apple iPad and the Blackberry Playbook is the full support to Adobe Flash apps. RIM’s product supports Flash but Apple’s creation does not.

Second, the Playbook’s multitasking and multiprocessing capabilities are true come-on’s for active users – something the iPad Tablet does not have.

Third, the camera for video chat and capturing videos + photos built-in with the new Blackberry Playbook is something iPad buyers have hoped for prior to the release of Apple’s Tablet PC.

As an iPad Tablet PC owner myself, the Blackberry Playbook looks like a good alternative for the iPad (or maybe I’ll end up using it more when I get my hands on it).

However, the lack of multitasking capability of the iPad is, I admit, one of its greatest hardware weaknesses. The soon-to-arrive iPhone iOS 4.2 for the iPad promises multitasking but I’m not sure if it’s going to be bug-free. At least the Blackberry Playbook already has the multitasking part checked and tested.

I still love my iPad. There’s no doubt about that but the Blackberry Playbook really looks like a classy piece of equipment I think I’ll buy when its release date arrives. I’m also seriously considering the Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC as one of my new toys before 2010 ends.

Here’s the video highlighting the good stuff you can expect in the new Blackberry Playbook Tablet PC:

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