Samsung Galaxy Tablet Price in the US, Australia and UK Lowered

We gave you a preview of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet price in the past. We were, like you, shocked with the high Samsung Galaxy Tablet PC’s price when its release date was announced at a later time. Imagine, the original SRP was almost US$1,100 or 800 Euros. But things got a little more friendly to the consumers after a series of price cuts. Over a period of two weeks only, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC price was lowered by as much as 200 British Pounds or 229 Euros. In the US, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet price dropped by around $170-316.

Yeah, with the most recent pricing on Samsung Galaxy Tablet we have gathered in the US, UK and Australia, consumers are given a “little” treat with some price cuts. In the US, the Samsung Galaxy Tab price is pegged at around $932 or under 600 GBP (688 Euros) in the UK and some parts of Europe. In Australia, the Samsung Galaxy Tablet price, as far as we know, remains at AUD 999. These are better deals now compared to Samsung’s crazy-high price when they unveiled the product a few weeks ago.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC Sample Photo (4 Pictures)

Samsung Slashed some Amount on the Original Galaxay Tab Tablet Price

If Samsung did not lower the price of their new Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet (P1000), I personally think it will fail miserably in the market. Despite the goodies inside the Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC, it’s high price tag is a huge turn off. It’s even more expensive than my iPad 64GB Wi-fi model which only cost me $700 + tax. Business-wise, the lower pricing now makes the new Samsung Galaxy Tab a more enticing item to buy and a more serious player in the Tablet PC market. Budget-conscious people like myself have complained about the quotation of Samsung. Despite this, I will still go for the iPad instead of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Tablet PC. For one, the 7-inch touchscreen display seems small. The iPad’s 9.7-inch display is way better. Specs-wise, I really don’t mind the difference between the two tablets.

However, the free apps I download (almost daily) for my iPad Tablet have proven useful (and plenty) while apps specifically designed for the Samsung Galaxy Tablet PC are yet to be developed as of this writing. But being an Android OS 2.2 tablet PC, expect more apps for this in very near future. Just check the Android Market for updates and you’ll find out what paid and free apps can be downloaded on this Samsung tablet (considering the OS version).

A screenshot showing the most updated Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tablet price on Amazon is shown below. Pre-orders are now accepted online.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC P1000 Model

Pre-order Page for Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC P1000 Model on Amazon

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