BlackBerry BlackPad Tablet PC vs Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC and iPad

The Wall Street Journal reported that Research In Motion (RIM) of Canada is scheduled to hold a press event this end of September to unveil their long-rumored tablet computer product, the Blackberry BlackPad Tablet PC. Formerly codenamed as the Blackberry Cobalt, the BlackBerry BlackPad Tablet is now getting ready for its commercial release date. RIM has already purchased the domain name last July and judging by the rapid development of events, the BlackPad might be available in the US and Canada by November this year.

This news seems to be from a reliable source since next week will be RIM’s BlackBerry OS Developers Conference which will be held in San Francisco, California.

BlackBerry BlackPad Tablet PC Sample Photo

The BlackBerry BlackPad Might Get Official at the End of September

A very surprising information has also been leaked about Blackberry BlackPad Tablet PC is that it won’t be running the recently-released BlackBerry OS 6.0 that debut with the BlackBerry Torch 9800.

Rumor has it that the new Blackberry BlackPad will run on a custom operating system made by QNX Software System. RIM purchased QNX for $200 Million last April. Insider says QNX’s operating system will be the new focus of RIM and all of its future phone products will gradually shift to the QNX OS.

The source of Wall Street Journal also revealed that the BlackPad is really a companion device for RIM’s iconic BlackBerry phones like the newly-released Blackberry 9330 3G on Verizon Wireless and Blackberry 9300 3G on T-Mobile.

The Blackberry BlackPad will be able to connect to any BlackBerry phone via Bluetooth. It will have still Wi-Fi but no 3G connectivity. From the looks of it, RIM’s really on to beating the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC with Android OS 2.2 by having the Blackberry Blackpad Tablet PC in their arsenal.

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