Haleron H97 Tablet PC Release Date and Price | iPad Clone

An iPad clone is about to be released by Haleron, a company manufacturing tablet PC models, smartbooks, netbook computers and smartphones. Haleron’s tablet is nicknamed H97 because it has a 9.7-inch touch screen like the Apple iPad.

Haleron H97 Windows, Haleron H97 Android, Haleron H97 Linux, Haleron H97 Google Chromium

This tablet PC is compatible with Android, Google Chromium OS, Linux and Windows OS.

The Haleron H97 Tablet PC: iPad Clone with Windows 7 OS is not actually exclusive for Microsoft Windows operating system. The operating system on board is optional. Haleron H97 Tablet PC is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android and Google Chromium operating systems. That makes the Haleron H97 Tablet PC stand out against the DreamBook ePad A10 and bModo12 Cheap Windows 7 Tablet PC.

According to the official Haleron site, “The H97 is available in default configuration with 1GB RAM and 16GB SSD, WIN 7 Home Premium. This Distributor model is unbranded. The Haleron Branded Model is the WinPad 9.”

Since it is unbranded, the Haleron H97 Tablet PC is sold only to distributors and not to individual customers. Haleron H97 release date or ship date is on December 01, 2010. It will be available at a starting price of $649/each with a minimum order of 10 units.

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