Vizio VTAB1008 8″ Android Tablet with Wi-Fi and Folio Case Bundle SALE

The Vizio 8″ Android Tablet with Wi-Fi and Folio Case is presently available as a bundle with discounted price. This tablet computer model is more advanced than the Google Android Panimage 7″ Color Touchscreen Tablet PC.

Vizio VTAB1008 Tablet PC with Folio Case Sale Price

8-inch Vizio VTAB1008 Android Tablet PC in a Vizio XMC100 Folio Case

A brand new Vizio VTAB1008 Tablet PC sells for a price of $329, $50 more than a new Archos 80 G9 Android 3.1 Honeycomb Tablet. A refurbished model is cheaper at $214.99 with FREE shipping at eBay.

The Vizio XMC100 Folio Case is usually sold as a separate item for $24.99 regular price but is also available at Walmart for $19.99 only.

Based on the price above, the Vizio 8″ Android Tablet PC Model # VTAB1008 is a cheaper model compared to the HTC EVO View 4G 7″ Android OS 2.3 Tablet PC.

Today on Woot, buy 1 Vizio VTAB1008 8″ Android 2.3 Tablet, Wi-Fi, 802.11n, Capacitive, microSD, IR Blaster, SRS TruMedia with 1 Vizio XMC100 Folio Case for only $159.99 plus $5 shipping cost. This discounted offer gives a refurbished tablet with a brand new Folio case. This sounds like an early Holiday sale for online shoppers.


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