Pandigital R70G100 7-inch Touchscreen Tablet and E-Reader Hot Deal

The Pandigital 7″ Touchscreen Tablet & E-Reader Model #R70G100 comes with Google Android OS. It’s an earlier model of the Pandigital Novel 7″ Color eBook Reader and Multimedia eReader with 1GB default memory. It’s pretty small for an Android device but it’s expandable up to 32GB storage via SDHC cards.

Pandigital R70G100 eReader Price and Features

Pandigital R70G100 7" Color eReader (White) with Android OS

A new Pandigital Touchscreen Tablet and E-Reader with 7″ Color Screen, 1GB Memory, Memory Slot and Google Android OS sells for a regular price of $299.99 but was reduced to $159.99 when newer models were released.

At Amazon, 1 Pandigital Android 1 GB 7-Inch Multimedia Tablet and Color eReader with Kindle (White) R70G100 is available for as low as $99. That’s the same as the sale price for a Pandigital R90L200 9″ Android 2.1 Tablet PC and Multimedia eReader.

At, a new Pandigital R70G100 7″ eReader was offered for a discounted price of $69.99 with 1-year warranty. Retail packaging includes USB Cable, Cradle/Stand, AC Adapter, Quick-Start Guide and User Guide (electronic).

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  1. Neicyee Walls says:

    I recently purchased Pandigital R70G100 Touchscreen Tablet for my son but he cannot utilize it without a landline. Are all the tablets requiring a landline or just this model? And where can he get a landline that’s not so costly??

    • Patricia King says:

      I was wanting to get one of these for my kids but was told u can not download any apps on it just good for internet n books??? Ru able to download anything on your sons??? Apparently u cannot get on the marketplace or update it ??

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