Internet Explorer vs Firefox Survey: Microsoft IE Is Still Top Web Browser for 2010

Web analytics firm has released the latest result of its May 2010’s Browser Usage survey. Microsoft’s venerable Internet Explorer is still the dominant choice for most of the planet’s web surfers. Please refer to the survey chart below, see that IE still holds 60% share which is more than double than its closest competitor, Firefox, who only managed to rake in 24.32%. Google’s Chrome is a far third with 7% but Netmarketshare reports that Google Chrome (latest version is 5 with built-in Adobe Flash Player) is actually the biggest gainer for the year, growing 32% higher! Both IE and Firefox declined and lost users to Chrome in 2010.

Graph of Microsoft Internet Explorer Market Share 2010

Internet Explorer is Still Dominant and World's Favorite Web Browser

Internet Explorer may have declined in the past years but it is the top choice for the majority of internet citizens. Microsoft is already preparing the much-better successor to IE 8 which was released more than a year ago. The upcoming Internet Explorer 9 promises to be a revolutionary upgrade. Firefox, Opera and Chrome has taken users away from Internet Explorer because they are faster and reputedly more secure. Apple’s release of Safari also encroached on an already crowded territory. But Microsoft isn’t sitting pretty, the IE 9 team is working hard to deliver a speedy browser that’s also fortified with security enhancements. If they want to preserve Internet Explorer’s majority status, they should really do so soon. It’s really worrisome for Microsoft to know that 92% of the world’s computers still run on Windows but only 60% of them use IE now.

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