Create Websites Using Vosao 0.9 CMS for Linux – Good Alternative to Joomla, Drupal and WordPress

If you would like to try webhosting on a Linux platform, I highly recommend you try Vosao 0.9 CMS. It is not as complex as some Windows-based CMS but this product works seamlessly with Google App Engine platform for Java. And if you are really a geekhead, you should already know that Google App Engine for Java is a free in-the-cloud hosting solution! Yes, if you use Vosao 0.9 CMS to host your webshop or forum, you get free superfast unlimited hosting from Google forever!

Vosao 0.9 CMS for Linux Download and Features Set

Those of you who aren't happy with Joomla or Drupal, should try Vosao 0.9 CMS for Linux!

So if you hate paying for webhosting then be like me, let us learn how to use Vosao 0.9 CMS. I have an old Dell D505 Latitude and I got Ubuntu 10.1 on it so I am I gonna try Vosao. I am excited that this CMS offers hierarchical page content creation with parent/child relationships and offers friendly URL addressing.

It is also integrates with CKeditor 3.0 and has uploading and file browsing features. It can do custom design templates with per-page template binding. Vosao 0.9 also has a global site configuration panel with easy resource management. You can do custom page titles on this CMS, add feedback forms, import/export site contents, add CAPTCHA sevice and site visitor comments can be moderated and has email notification too!

Like all other CMS, Vosao 0.9 also supports SEO-friendly URLs and redirect table for indexed links. It also has support for multiple-languages and does automatic user-browser language selection! I like that this Linux CMS supports both RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 feeds. Anyway, here’s the complete list of features that Vosa 0.9 CMS offers.

Vosao 0.9 CMS Features:

  • Back-end localization for plugins.
  • Forgot password feature.
  • Enhanced page tree UI for content editor with “outliner” features.
  • Hierarchical page structure with parent/child relationships.
  • Custom page titles.
  • Friendly URL for the page address.
  • Per-page template binding.
  • Publication date tracking.
  • Selectable per-page comment support.
  • Edit/approve state for each page.
  • Per-page versioning.
  • CKeditor 3.0 integration with WYSIWYG and source views, and multiple language support.
  • Page preview.
  • Management of child pages from parent page.
  • User comment moderation and management.
  • ACL-based security model for pages and resources.
  • Declarative design templates.
  • Page and service template objects to access content and system properties, including other pages.
  • Share multiple templates between applications with import/export utility.
  • Static resource folders for scripts, images, and stylesheets.
  • Upload and export resources.
  • Global site configuration with Google Analytics support.
  • Full site export/import (content and resources).
  • Captcha support.
  • Proprietary authentication.
  • Integrated per-page commenting with email notification.
  • Multilanguage content support with localized message bundle auto-selected by browser settings.
  • Text resource files editor with ability to create resource files.
  • Per-application custom security groups.
  • Plugin support.
  • Feedback forms with email notification.
  • SEO URLs (page aliases) using a table-based redirect system for indexed links.
  • Structured page layout based on a custom data-entry form.
  • Form field reorder.
  • Enhanced caching to increase performance.
  • Full data reset capability.
  • Enable user commenting for Vosao web site.
  • Provide placeholders for any “TODO” pages.
  • Use staging site to update documentation and test next release.
  • Disqus commenting support.
  • Enhanced export.
  • Plugin system.
  • Browse to edit.
  • Site search.
  • Navigation menu plugin.
  • Per page meta description and keyword settings.
  • Field validation with regular expressions.
  • User self registration.
  • Picasa integration for image hosting.
  • Webdav read-only access.
  • Generic Velocity Tools support.
  • Taxonomy feature.
  • RSS 2.0 and Atom 1.0 feeds.

I’ll dabble into it first before I make my final review. I will even try to create a website using Vosao 0.9 CMS to test its reliability when a site is deployed and goes online. From what I see, it’s a lot similar to WordPress, only that WP is a very rich web development platform with tons of free plugins and support from an ever-growing community.


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  1. Sanjay says:

    can u tell how to change the default template of vosao to a new web template.