WOW Stuck on Authenticating Users: Problems, Issues and Solution

Users worldwide have reported that WOW is stuck on authenticating their identities when they log in. Wow stuck on authenticating problem has started a few hours ago but according to the official World of Warcraft website, this “Stuck on Authenticating” error/problem (whatever you want to call it) has been addressed and that servers are up and running smoothly. If you are still stuck in the authentication page, then here are some things that you can try to fix this problem, according to the tech support team of WOW.

  1. Flush your DNS.
  2. Power off your modem/router for 5 minutes, turn it back on and then perform the following commands in Windows XP and Vista

WOW Stuck at Authenticating

WOW Stuck at Authenticating

On Windows XP
Click Start and then Run
Type cmd in the run box and click Ok
In the Command Console window that has appeared type: ipconfig /flushdns
After typing the above command, press Enter to execute it and then close the window

On Windows Vista
Click Start, then Programs, then Accessories and then locate ‘Command Prompt’
Right-click on ‘Command Prompt’ and left-click on ‘Run as Administrator’
In the Command Console window that has appeared type: ipconfig /flushdns
After typing the above command, press Enter to execute it and then close the window

Post your experiences with the “WoW Stuck on Authenticating” issue or authentication problem below so that others may also learn. Wow server status, according to some users is ok now but we cannot tell since the network of WOW is so huge. On  the technical side, server hiccups are normal if a website’s traffic is  really tremendous and overwhelming especially that  WOW was adjudged as one of the most addictive games in history.


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  1. works says:

    Works for me on wow cataclysm molten server 4.3.4 windows xp pro.
    thank you

    kind regards

  2. Sleah says:

    IF the above doesn’t work, here is a POSSIBLE reason as to why… You may need to merge your WoW account with an account made on blizzard’s website. Just go to, set up your account, and then you should see an option saying Merge Account in your home screen

  3. beijingyank says:

    Didn’t work for me either….

  4. Tanel says:

    it worked for me but i cant Get into MSN or internet eny more only WOW :( what do i need to doo plz add me to msn if u can help

    • concon343 says:

      I have this same problem, I cant get into msn, internet explorer doesnt work (but firefox does). Cant find a fix anywhere

  5. Eduardo says:

    Today i am trying to log in my account and it always says “Login Failed”, Is this the “WOW Stuck at Authenticating”? I want to play but I can’t, I use Battle.Net Mobile Authenticator.

  6. thomas says:

    same, didnt work on vista or xp.

  7. Lindsey says:

    This didn’t work for either of the computers I have. Went over to a friends house so see if it was just my internet and still had the same error on their connection as well.

  8. Anon says:

    Blizzard is aware of the problem is trying to fix it. They say it shouldn’t last more than 15 minutes but mine is lasting longer. :(

  9. Mitchell says:

    Didnt work for me, Windows Vista.

  10. Brian says:

    XP and it didn’t work

  11. Carmen says:

    Didn’t work for me either on Windows XP. This has been happening off and on for over 1 week now. Pretty frustrating.

  12. Jackie says:

    Didn’t work for my computer, Windows Vista.

  13. Jeff says:

    Didn’t work for my computer, Windows Vista. But I think it is a problem with the authentication servers at Wow >.<