Red Alert 3 (Command & Conquer) is an Addictive Video Game

Red Alert 3 is a video game created by EA Games. I’m starting to get addicted to the video game (although I was for a few months with its older version, Red Alert 2). Whenever I feel down, I play Red Alert 3. It sometimes affects my work a bit so what I do now is save my game and resume it whenever there’s I’m free to play the game (during breaktime). I have the original Red Alert 3 CD but without the patch.

Red Alert 3 (Command & Conquer)

Red Alert 3 (Command & Conquer)

Red Alert 3 has a version for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 (release date is March 2009). An upcoming version is Red Alert 3 UPRISING. Right now as I write this, I am looking for a patch for Red Alert 3 and I hope I can find one and test f the patch will make the game more exciting. More updates on Red Alert 3 will come soon in this site so please stay updated and subscribe to our RSS feed.

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