Prototype Review by IGN (Prototype Video Game on Xbox 360, PC and PS3)

Prototype video game is one of the coolest game revealed in Electronic Entertainment Expo 2009 (E3 2009). The video game (Prototype) was first launched last June 9, 2009 in North America. Prototype video game was developed by Radical Entertainment for PC and two gaming consoles – Xbox 360 and PS3 (PlayStation 3). It was fresh from the oven when Prototype reviews came out.

One Prototype review was released by IGN Australia. The IGN Prototype review gave a full criticism of the new video game. It stated both the design flaws and strengths of Prototype. IGN called Prototype video game “ambitious” for setting it in Manhattan but incorporated very few landmarks. This video game showcased heavy-action and cool powers but still needed a lot of improvement. Overall IGN Prototype review gave it a 7.5 score. Watch this video of Prototype review by IGN on their website and you be the judge of the game.

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