Madden 11 Roster Update 3 Released | Madden NFL 11 Roster Update #3 Details

Madden 11 release date was just a month ago but video game freaks are now madly looking for the Madden 11 Roster Update 3 for September 2010. Madden NFL 11 Roster Update #3 is now available for download. The Madden 11 Roster Update 3 was made known through a press release at EA Sports’ Madden NFL official news website.

The roster update details were immediately posted on its release date. Madden 11 Roster Update 3 was released in September 10, 2010 which is almost the same time as the Madden 10 Roster Update 3 was announced last year.

Madden 11 Roster Update 3: 49ers 17 and Seahawks 11 Screenshot

Madden NFL 11 Roster Update #3 Screenshot

Here is a summary of Madden 11 Roster Update 3’s few highlights for this week. Madden NFL 11 Roster Update #3 features more than 500 roster modifications. Check out them out below.

Madden 11 Roster Update 3/Madden NFL 11 Week 1 Roster Update:

  • 40 player ratings changes highlighted by Arian Foster of the Texans, Seattle’s Mike Williams, and Derek Anderson in Arizona received ratings increases heading into Week 1 of the regular season. Tennessee’s Kenny Britt and Washington’s Devin Thomas received ratings decreases this week.
  • 232 players released
  • 165 roster additions including new stars
  • 17 player trades including Reggie Nelson on the Bengals, Josh Wilson to Baltimore, and Jarrad Page to New England.
  • 16 players moved to IR
  • 13 players removed from depth chart (suspension, holdout, PUP, etc.) including Ben Roethlisberger, Santonio Holmes, Gerald Hayes, Ed Reed, Aqib Talib, Logan Mankins, Vincent Jackson, and more.
  • 3 new player contract deals highlighted by Nick Mangold and Andre Johnson’s new deals
  • Hundreds of depth chart changes
  • 1 player retired

The full list of moves included in the Madden NFL 11 Roster Update #3 (Madden 11 Roster Update 3) are currently posted on Madden NFL EA Sports news webpage.

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