Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition Video Game Collectibles and In-Game Items

Pre-Order Guild Wars 2 PC Game and Play 3 Days Early which means it can be accessed before its actual release. Also get the Hero’s Band that includes several in-game benefits and exclusive access to beta events every weekend.

For those who are interested in buying this game, check out the price list posted on our previous article – Guild Wars 2 Video Game Release Date and Pre-Order Price.

The game comes two general versions – in disc or digital download format. For the disc versions, Guild Wars 2 Video Game is available in Standard Edition and Collector’s Edition.

Packaging of Guild Wars 2 Collector's Edition

Collectors Edition Of Guild Wars 2 Includes Figurine, Soundtracks, Art Works And More

What are the items included in the Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition game? Check out the answer below.

Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition In-Game Items:

  1. Summon Mistfire Wolf Elite Skill
  2. Miniature Rytlock
  3. Chalice of Glory
  4. Tome of Influence
  5. Golem Banker

These digital items are the same benefits given in the Guild Wars 2 Digital Deluxe Edition. The only difference between Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Edition is of course the physical collectibles.

Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition Physical Items or Collectibles:

  1. 10-inch Figurine of Rytlock
  2. 112-page Making of Guild Wars 2 book
  3. Best of Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack CD
  4. Art Portfolio and Five Art Prints
  5. Custom Art Frame

Get to display the Charr Warrior Rytlock Brimstone figurine in your room if you buy the Collector’s Edition of Guild Wars 2. This edition may cost almost three times as the standard but the in-game items and collectibles will surely be worth it.

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