Armored Core 5 Game: Lands and Robots Customization Feature

Taking territories is not the only goal of Armored Core 5. New feature to this is that FromSoftware allows factions to customize their conquered lands and their mechs.

AC5 Sample Mech Building

Gamers may build their own Mechs parts by parts in Armored Core 5 Video Game.

Hard-won lands can be decorated with physical additions of buildings and the place can be set up with missions for your opponents to try. If they make an attempt and succeed in completing the faction mission, they gain a part of your faction’s conquered land.

Namco Bandai says this successor the best-selling Armored Core 4 offers more customization options. In Armored Core V 3D Mech-based Video Game, there are more than 500 items to make your combat mechs unique! But they did say that mechs on Armored Core V are smaller than the previous installment of the game.

This is because FromSoftware had no choice but to downsize robots considering that this version will be offering huge online battles where thousands of skyscraper-sized mechs will seriously caused server lag time! Smaller mechs means smaller server footprint.

Armored Core 5 will surely be a good replacement for those who are tired of MechWarrior 4: Black Knight game.


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