How to Download Call of Duty Black Ops: First Strike on PS3

Call of Duty Black Ops First Strike Map Pack DLC for PS3 was released three days ago. It’s been a long wait for PlayStation 3 gamers to have the First Strike Map Pack which was quite unfair because the Xbox Live version was released as early as February 2011.

First Strike Map Pack, First Strike PS3 DLC, How to Download First Strike on PS3

Call of Duty Black Ops Map Pack "First Strike" can be downloaded on your PS3 consoles through PlayStation Network.

COD Black Ops: First Strike Map Pack downloaded content for PS3 gaming console can be acquired on PlayStation Network. How? Here is how to download the First Strike PS3 DLC from PSN.

First Strike’s Step-by-Step Download Instructions:

  1. Sign into the PlayStation Network
  2. Enter the PlayStation Store via the PlayStation Network icon
  3. Select “Add-Ons”
  4. Select “Disc-Based Game Add-Ons”
  5. Select “Disc-Based Game Add-ons A – L”
  6. Select “Call of Duty: Black Ops”
  7. Select the “First Strike Pack”
  8. Select “Buy Now”
  9. The First Strike Pack will download

These steps were provided by Call of Duty Black Ops’ First Strike web page. There you have it so download your First Strike PS3 map pack ASAP.

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  1. wdtl says:

    I have downloaded and installed first strike. How do i activate it on the PS3?