Killzone 3 Video Game Price for PlayStation 3 Console

A new installment for the Killzone series of video games is about to be released in this month. Like the previous installments, the game is solely for Sony’s PlayStation console.

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E3 Show 2010 gave way for the announcement of the new Killzone series installment for PlayStation 3 - Killzone 3.

Killzone 3 Video Game is mainly for the PlayStation 3 gaming console. It was developed by Guerrilla Games and will be released by Sony Computer Entertainment.

The standard Blu-ray disc copy of Killzone 3 PS3 Game is priced at $59.95 with FREE shipping on Amazon. The Killzone 3 Helghast Edition (collector’s edition) is available at a higher price because of the add-on collectibles. Other than Amazon, pre-orders of the game are also offered on Best Buy and Game Stop. Info on the Killzone 3 release date for PS3 in North America and Europe were also provided on our site.

The 2011 Killzone 3 Video Game is a first-person shooter game that can be played in single-player, online multiplayer and offline split-screen co-op modes. As a preview of the multiplayer mode, the Killzone 3 Multiplayer Public Beta was released last year for loyal PlayStation Plus members.


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