Madden NFL 12 Video Game Release Date for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3

Sports-inspired video games were a big hit! EA Sports has created several sports-themed games such as Madden NFL and FIFA. They even release regular updates such as the Madden 11 Roster Updates and FIFA 11 Ultimate Team downloads.

Madden NFL 12 Video Game is the next game for Madden NFL Series. Madden 11 will offer the following features:

Madden 12 Release Date and Features

EA Sports is about to release the 12th game for Madden NFL Series football-inspired video game.

  • Custom Playbooks
  • All-New Collision System
  • Authentic Presentation
  • All-New Dynamic Player Performance
  • New and Improved Franchise Mode

Madden NFL 12 release date for Xbox 360 is on August 30, 2011. News tells us that it will also be available for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, Nintendo DS and Wii gaming consoles.

According to PlayStation’s official site, Madden NFL 12 release date for PlayStation 3 is on September 30, 2011. Pre-order of Madden 12 copies is available at Origin online store.


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