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Xewton Music Studio iPad iPod Touch iPhone App Dashboard

Xewton Music Studio App for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch: Easy to Mix Multiple Tracks

Mixing multiple tracks on Xewton Music Studio App for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch is easy because it runs on a low-latency audio engine. All the audio effects are processed in real-time. Xewton saves your project on a proprietary XMS format but you can export your musical creation to MIDI or Wave format. You can […]

Snapshot of Xewton Music Studio iPhone or iPod Application

Xewton Music Studio App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad | Xewton iPhone App Review, Features and Price

In the presence of the Xewton Music Studio iPhone/iPod application, Digital Audio Workstations are no longer limited to desktops and laptops. The massive popularity of the iPhone platform has forced developers to come up with equally-powerful music softwares so Xewton Music Studio iPhone app was developed. The current shift of professional musicians to the digital […]