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Microsoft Bribed Nokia to Dominate the Global Mobile Phone Industry

Microsoft is Paying Nokia US$1 Billion to Use Windows Phone 7 OS on Smartphones

Respected business website, Bloomberg, published an article saying that one of their corporate spies has found out that Nokia’s recent love for Windows Phone 7 OS is because Microsoft offered the Finnish company a sweet $1 billion cash bonus. This is according to two insiders working on the contract between the two companies. One of […]

HTC Arrive Windows Phone 7 on Sprint, HTC Arrive Release Date, HTC Arrive Review, HTC Arrive Price

HTC Arrive Windows Phone 7 Release Date and Price on Sprint

Windows Phone 7 is gaining buzz again because a new smartphone featuring Microsoft’s mobile operating system or WP7 OS is about to be released through Sprint. It is the HTC Arrive Windows Phone 7 that features Xbox LIVE and Zune integration with Microsoft Office Mobile.

Microsoft Announces Final Version of Windows Phone 7 OS

Microsoft Announces Windows Phone 7 OS Final Version Readiness and Availability

In addition to the formal unveiling of the ten Windows Phone 7-powered smart phones, Microsoft also announced that their Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system is now ready.

Windows Phone 7 OS Sample Screenshot

Microsoft Offers Fat Incentives to Windows Phone 7 Apps Developers

Bill Gates and friends must be getting desperate. In my previous articles regarding the beta release of the Windows Phone 7 Development Tools, I mentioned that Microsoft is sending free Windows Phone 7 handsets to developers who signed up for their program. This giveaway is just a tip of the iceberg of Microsoft’s new strategy […]

Windows Phone 7 Dev Tools Photo

Windows Phone 7 Apps Update: Microsoft Released Windows Phone 7 Development Tools

Even though there is still no existing Windows Phone 7 handset in the market, Microsoft has already released the Development Tools for creating Windows Phone apps for the the Windows Phone 7 OS. You can go to http://developer.windowsphone.com/. The Windows Phone 7 Dev Tools were first announced during the MIX 10 Conference but Microsoft is […]

HTC HD3 Windows Phone 7 Sample Photo

HTC HD3 Specs Leaked: A Windows Phone 7 Superphone with 1.5GHz SnapDragon Processor!

HTC HD 3 is on its way to your nearest gadgets store. HTC HD 3 release date could be on Q4 2010 according to some rumors. FYI, Microsoft and HTC are working on a prototype of the successor to the Windows Mobile 6.5-powered HTC HD2 smartphone. The HD3 concept model’s technical specs were leaked by […]

Sample Photo of Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for Apps

Windows Phone Apps Marketplace for Windows Phone 7 Series

The most interesting event that happened on the ongoing Microsoft Mix10 developers’ conference is the unveiling of the new Windows Phone Market which is set to debut on the Windows Phone 7 Series. It has been impressively-revamped for the new operating system. It features support for credit card purchase, data operator billing, ad-supported content, and […]

Adobe Flash Player for Windows Phone 7 Series OS

Windows Phone 7 to Support Adobe Flash Player for New Mobile Phones

During the Mobile World Congress debut of Windows Phone 7 Series OS, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer hinted that Windows Phone 7 Series mobile phones relies heavily on Microsoft Silverlight runtime. He said the initial launch of their new mobile operating system will not ship with Adobe Flash Player but say future version of Windows Phone 7 […]

Windows Phone 7 Series: No Support for External Memory Cards

Windows Phone 7 Series OS Will Not Support Multi-Tasking and External Memory Cards

In a shocking revelation, Charlie Kindel, chief of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series development team, confirmed that they have decided to disable third-party apps from doing multi-tasking on their new mobile operating system. He explained that Microsoft needs more strict control over the platform to prevent third-party apps doing excessive background processing which not only […]

Netflix Watch Instantly App for Windows Phone 7 Series OS

NetFlix Watch Instantly Mobile App for Windows Phone 7 Series Smartphones

Netflix can now be accessed using Windows Phone 7 Series mobile phones. This feature was demonstrated by Scott Stanfield, CEO of Vertigo Software, at the Mix10 Conference. A prototype version of NetFlix Watch Instantly app for the Windows Phone 7 handsets. He is currently writing this software for NetFlix which allows support for the company’s […]