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Windows Phone 7 Dev Tools Photo

Windows Phone 7 Apps Update: Microsoft Released Windows Phone 7 Development Tools

Even though there is still no existing Windows Phone 7 handset in the market, Microsoft has already released the Development Tools for creating Windows Phone apps for the the Windows Phone 7 OS. You can go to http://developer.windowsphone.com/. The Windows Phone 7 Dev Tools were first announced during the MIX 10 Conference but Microsoft is […]

DreamBook ePad A10 Tablet PC Sample Photo

DreamBook ePad A10 – New Windows 7 Tablet PC from Australia

Pioneer Computers is selling the DreamBook ePad A10 Tablet PC for a low price. Pioneer Computers is Australia’s biggest OEM company for computer products but this is the first time that they are entering the tablet computer market. The latest product from their laptop-brand DreamBook series is a Windows 7 slate computer that’s very similar […]

Adobe Flash Player for Windows Phone 7 Series OS

Windows Phone 7 to Support Adobe Flash Player for New Mobile Phones

During the Mobile World Congress debut of Windows Phone 7 Series OS, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer hinted that Windows Phone 7 Series mobile phones relies heavily on Microsoft Silverlight runtime. He said the initial launch of their new mobile operating system will not ship with Adobe Flash Player but say future version of Windows Phone 7 […]

Windows Phone 7 Series: No Support for External Memory Cards

Windows Phone 7 Series OS Will Not Support Multi-Tasking and External Memory Cards

In a shocking revelation, Charlie Kindel, chief of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 Series development team, confirmed that they have decided to disable third-party apps from doing multi-tasking on their new mobile operating system. He explained that Microsoft needs more strict control over the platform to prevent third-party apps doing excessive background processing which not only […]

Windows Phone 7 Series OS Hardware Requirements Photo Proof

Windows Phone 7 Series Minimum System Requirements (Hardware)

Microsoft has officially revealed the minimum system and hardware requirements for their Windows Phone 7 Series platform at Mix10 Conference. Manufacturers will have to abide these compulsory specifications from Microsoft in order to create future handsets for Windows Phone 7 Series. In case you didn’t know, head on to the article titled “Windows Phone 7 […]

Windows Phone 7 Series Social Networks Application

Windows Phone 7 Series Not Yet Compatible with Current Smart Phones

A previous article on this site posted an official confirmation that Microsoft’s new mobile operating system – Windows Phone 7 Series will not support Windows Mobile OS third-party apps. Those applications were created previously for Windows Mobile OS 6.5 and older versions. This development has already inflamed other people who expected backwards compatibility software-wise. The […]

Screenshot of Windows Phone 7 Social Networking App

Windows Phone 7 Series Will Not Run Windows Mobile OS Third-Party Apps

Although Windows Phone 7 Series was unveiled weeks ago by Microsoft, the company has just confirmed that their new operating system platform for mobile gadgets and smart phones won’t be supporting third-party apps created for Windows Mobile OS up to version 6.5.

Screenshot of Windows Phone 7 OS

Windows Phone 7 OS User Interface: METRO | Windows Phone 7 Series Demo

The Windows Phone 7 Series was coded from a scratch. This new Windows Phone 7 OS replaces Windows Mobile 6.5 OS totally. Microsoft software engineers abandoned the old codes of Windows Mobile operating system. The first noticeable difference you will notice is the user interface. The Windows Phone 7 Series has an interface that looks […]

Official Logo of Windows Phone

Windows Phone 7: Microsoft New Mobile OS Replaces Windows Mobile 6.5

It is confirmed, Microsoft is calling its replacement for Windows Mobile 6.5 the all-new built-from-scratch Windows Phone 7 Series. After it was unveiled at the 2010 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Windows Phone 7 Series is Microsoft’s official operating system for smart phones and mobile computing devices. The software giant seeks to dominate the […]

Image for Windows Mobile 7 or Windows Phone 7 OS

Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 OS Unveiled at Barcelona MWC 2010

Microsoft finally unveiled Windows Mobile 7 OS at Barcelona MWC 2010 to the surprise of everyone. The world’s richest tech company is out to re-conquer the mobile industry. Microsoft’s overwhelming success with its desktop Windows 7 operating system has emboldened it. According to the Wall Street Journal, Steve Ballmer is already in Spain getting ready […]