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Download Free Firefox 8 - Faster, More Stable and Secure Browser

Firefox 8.0 Free Download is Out Today, Shows Great Potential for Speed and Better Security

Good news folks! Mozilla Firefox 8.0 free download is now ready for everyone in most part of the world. After all the complaints and bugs experienced by internet users starting from Firefox 4 (which we’re still using on our Lenovo Ideapad S12 netbook) up to Firefox 7.xx. Off the bat, Firefox 8 seems faster and […]

Dolphin HD 5 Beta1 Download Link and New Features

Dolphin HD 5.0 Beta Mobile Browser Now Available to the Public

The third-most popular browser on the Android Market is Dolphin HD and its success has inspired the developers to release a public beta version of Dolphin HD 5.0. This was supposed to be a private beta testing only but due to numerous requests and forum begging, the developers decided to release the Beta1 to the […]

Download Complete Browser Designed for Palm webOS Mobile Phones for a Low Price

Complete Mobile Internet Browser for HP Pre webOS Smartphones Review

I know it’s very frustrating for Palm Pre Plus smartphone owners to see that most browser makers have completely ignored them. You don’t see any really competent third-party browser on webOS devices. While Android and iOS loyalists enjoy mobile Opera, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Dolphin HD browsers, Palm phone owners have to contend with second-rate […]

IE 9 Update, Internet Explorer 9 Features, IE 9 Highlights, IE 9 HTML 5,

Internet Explorer 9 Web Browser Features Hardware-Accelerated Graphics and HTML5

IE 9 Download is now available on Microsoft’s Download Center! The Internet Explorer 9 Web Browser encourages users to explore a more beautiful web through its great new features. The IE 9 significantly improved in speed with its hardware-accelerated text, video, and graphics. In fact, its JavaScript performance increased more than 300% compared to Internet […]

IE 9 Download Free, Internet Explorer 9 Free Download, Free IE 9 Download, IE 9 Final Version Release Date

IE 9 Download: Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 9 Free Download

Microsoft has released the new version of their web browser – the Internet Explorer 9 final version. The Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) Free Download of the Beta version was released in September 2010 while. The IE 9 release candidate was out in February 2011.

Download Free RockMelt Browser From Official Site

Social-centric Browser RockMelt Beta Free Download Now Finally Ready

It looks like another company is hitching their wagon to the fast-rising stars of Facebook and Twitter. A new start-up firm has announced the first public beta release of their social media-optimized browser RockMelt Social Media web browser. Download free Rockmelt Beta web browser at www.rockmelt.com.

RockMelt Social Media Web Browser

RockMelt: The Social Media Web Browser Launches Today

The internet is no longer just a place full of information. This former information technology tool has evolved into a world of personal networking, too. The web is now full of social media networking sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, Friendster and more.

Download Opera 10.63 Free Upgrade Sample Screenshot

Opera 10.63 Free Download Allows Faster Browsing Behind Proxy Servers

As part of our advice in our post on newly-released Mozilla Firefox 3.6.11, a very good alternative is Opera web browser with Turbo. As the name implies, “Turbo” means faster browsing, faster downloads, faster uploads even with a slow connection. This is one very good software if you don’t want your browsing activities interrupted.

Firefox 3.6.11 Free Download Still Crashes Frequently

Mozilla Firefox 3.6.11 Free Download Did Not Update Firefox 3.6.10 Significantly

If you have updated to the latest Mozilla Firefox version today (just like we did), the first thing you’ll notice is Mozilla “Crash Protection” upgrade feature. In our case, however, we have not seen this after our update. Some add-ons (see screenshot photo below) don’t run properly with the new version. Our PC is running […]

Firefox 3.6.10 Free Download Upgrade

New Mozilla Firefox 3.6.10 is Faster than Firefox 3.6.9, 3.6.8 and Older Versions

When we reported that the IE 9 free download was already out, our Mozilla Firefox 3.6.9 began to behave slower than usual. Checking the Help button, we saw that it’s auto-updating to the new Firefox 3.6.10. For all FF users, you can download Firefox 3.6.10 free at this link – http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/personal.html.