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Free Avira Antivirus for Tablets, Macbook, PC, Smartphones

Avira Antivirus Suite 2014 for Desktop PC, Mac OS X, Android Tablets, Mobile Phones

We have been using the Free Avira Antivirus software for several years now. It has served us well and virus definition updates are automatic. The free version of Avira Antivirus has been very effective in protecting our Android phones especially our older Sony Xperia X10i. So far so good, I can say. No complaints whatsoever. […]

Microsoft Safety Scanner Free Download for a Limited Time Only

Microsoft Safety Scanner: Free Virus Scanner and Remover Software for Windows PC

One of the most annoying tasks I suffer is cleaning very well hidden Trojans that infected the computers at the office and at my own computer shop. I’m very much irritated that all current anti-virus and malware protection programs in the market right now, except for Norton Internet Security 2012, are helpless against system-masqueraded Trojans. […]

Beware of the BlackBerry OS Zeus Trojan Virus Infection

BlackBerry Phones Infected with Zeus Trojan Virus; Infection Becoming Widespread

TrendMicro, one of the world’s leading security firms, has published a warning to BlackBerry phone owners. Their security experts have detected a new variant of the notorious Zeus Trojan virus is stealthily targeting BlackBerry OS devices. This new variant is called BBOS_ZITMO.B and infects BlackBerry phones like Blackberry Style 9670, Blackberry Bold 9780, etc. by […]

ESET Cybersecurity for Mac Price and Release Date

Download ESET Cybersecurity for Mac OS X Snow Leopard (Free Trial Edition)

If you’ve read our article on Ultra Defragger Malware, then this is one good follow up material. ESET, the maker of popular PC antivirus program NOD 32 has announced the release of their ESET Cybersecurity for Mac products. NOD32 is one of the world’s best antivirus solution for Windows machines but recognizing the fast rise […]

Ultra Defragger Malware, Ultra Defragger Removal, How to Remove Ultra Defragger, Ultra Defragger Uninstall Guide

Ultra Defragger Malware: Rogue Anti-Spyware Software

Ultra Defragger is a malware! It is disguised as anti-spyware software. Ultra Defragger Malware is often mistaken as the legit open source defragmentation tool for the Windows Platform called UltraDefrag.


“Hayden Kho” Trojan on the Loose | Trend Micro Reports

Hackers are posting download links to the recent Hayden Kho video scandals and making rounds on the net Trend Micro reported last Tuesday. Trend Micro detected the trojan files TROJ_DLOAD.TID and its payload, TROJ_COGNAC.J, hidden in at least two US government websites. This allegedly is the Hayden Kho Virus or Trojan, however you want to […]


Free SuperAntiSpyware Professional Edition License

Our article on Home Antivirus 2010 Removal Method earned us a “Thank you” email from Mike Duncan, Director of Business Development at SUPERAntiSpyware. This software is something we love (not because we got it for free) and would like to recommend to all those who are seeking the best spyware/malware protection for their PC’s.


itunesminiplayer.dll failed to register Error: How to Fix

We experienced the error “itunesminiplayer.dll failed to register” in iTunes and we were wondering if others were having the same problem. itunesminiplayer.dll failed to register problem must be caused by an incompatibility with another installed software (like a CD Burning utility maybe) and though there is no official fix to this, try what we did […]


iTunes Trojan Horse Small.Bog: iTunes Virus Alert

AVG today has a truly alarming alert for iTunes users – a virus. An iTunes virus is very unlikely to exist. iTunes installations are secure and are free of viruses or spywares.  iTunes is one legit app that doesn’t need to include malicious codes like the so-called “trojan horse small.bog“.

Home Computer Protection: Download Free Norton Antivirus 2010

If you’d like to give extra protection for your home PC, become one of the Beta testers of Norton Antivirus 2010. This home antivirus 2010 version of Norton Antivirus software is free to download. All you have to do is fill out a short online form and the download link will be given to you. […]