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RusH N Attack Ex-Patriot Price, Release Date and Review

Rush ‘N Attack Ex-Patriot Video Game Hands-On Review: Being a Cool Ninja CIA Agent is Easy

If you happened to raise the alarm, you’ll still get the chance to evade a pursuit or capture because Rush ‘N Attack video game for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming consoles will not swamp you with endless streams of hostiles. Another trick when being rushed by more than one Russian enemy is to […]

Onlive Game MicroConsole Price, Technical Specs, Release Date Announced

OnLive Game Console Release Date and Price Tag Revealed [MicroConsole 3D TV Compatible]

People used to playing Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii gaming consoles sometimes complain about the high price of these gadgets (range is around US$300-400). Games running on them could also be pricey. But if you can play the same quality of HD video games on a cheaper game console made by OnLive Cloud-Based […]

Bioshock: Infinite Cover Art

Bioshock Infinite Video Game for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 Multiplayer Mode Might Not be Supported

The first installment of Bioshock Infinite video game for PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 became a viral hit despite the fact that it didn’t have multiplayer support. Fans of this horror FPS were desperately hoping that the next version release will finally offer multiplayer options for LAN and online shootfest. Unfortunately, Irrational Games Creative […]

Aion MMORPG Review on Abyss PvP Map

Ganking is Annoying in Aion Abyss Map PvP (Player vs Player) Game Mode

I would like to vent my frustrations on NCSoft’s deaf ears regarding the problems about Aion Player vs Player (PvP) especially in Abyss map. I am only level 30 and I am forced to quit playing this wonderful game because of the incessant ganking happening at Abyss and other Rift maps. I already stated my […]

Aion MMORPG Gold Sellers Sample Photo

Aion MMORPG Game Review: Gold Sellers are Ruining Aion’s Economy and Game Play Balance

We have already posted our Aion Review earlier in May 2010. This time we’re posting an update about the situation of Aion’s economy. Aion MMORPG is worsening, that’s a fact. Less than 6 months from the U.S. launch of Aion and already millions of Kinah, the in-game currency of Aion, is being sold for real […]

Aion MMORPG Game Review: Game Combo is the Best

Aion MMORPG Review: Aion Combo System Is the Best

Aion MMORPG delivers superior combat experience compared to other MMORPG’s. Aside from its breathtaking graphics and excellent animations, Aion developers created some spectacular skill effects and fluid animation. I am also very pleased about Aion’s chain skill combo system. Unlike Cabal’s skill combo execution, Aion’s chain skill comboing is a lot easier. Doing combos in […]

nlive Microconsole TV Adapter Picture (Parts Shown)

Featured OnLive Cloud-Based Gaming Service Game Titles Available

If you’re interested in playing your favorite video games anytime, anywhere, then check out OnLive Cloud-Based Gaming Service and the video games available on the website. For a monthly fee of under $15 per month, you’ll get the chance to play these games in your PC, Macbook or TV (service coming soon). All you need […]

OnLive Cloud-Based Gaming Service Home Page Photo

OnLive Cloud-Based Gaming Service Release Date in 2010 and Monthly Fee

The future of video gaming is going to be changed forever. OnLive, the radical online gaming company will start their streaming service starting June 17 for U.S. customers only. They are offering customers the chance to enjoy hundreds of video games for only $14.95/month subscription. Interested persons may now pre-register at onlive.com. Hurry and sign […]

Valkyrie Sky MMORPG Image Sample

Valkyrie Sky: Best and Most Unique MMORPG Raises Maximum Level Cap

If you haven’t heard about Valkyrie Sky, you are missing 2010’s best and most unique MMORPG. This online RPG is an arcade-style game that recalls our old love for shoot-em-up arcade games back in the 1980s. Just like a regular MMORPG, you will need to choose and create a class to level up. What makes […]

Mabinogi MMORPG Update Photo Attached

Mabinogi MMORPG Major Update: More Fun and Exciting

Mabinogi, the ever-popular anime-styled MMORPG by Nexon has received a sizeable update. Nexon announced that Mabinogi has just implemented an improved version of its beginner’s storyline. It’s good business strategy to attract more players and remind former Mabinogi players to try and make a new comeback. If you love fantasy video games, you better check […]