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Photo of Toyota PRIUS Hybrid Car 2010 Models on Recall

Toyota Prius Recall Caused by Prius Brake Problem

The 2010 Toyota PRIUS Hybrid Car was not included in the January 2010 list of Toyota recall cars. However, PRIUS is facing almost the same huge problem as its brakes are under recall. The Toyota PRIUS brake problem was rumored as early as December 2009. In fact, Prius owners claimed these brake problems and was […]

Toyota Recall 2010 Update: Toyota USA Apologizes to Customers

Toyota Recall 2010 Update: Toyota USA Apologizes to Customers

Here are updates on the latest  Toyota Recall 2010 news. Toyota finally felt the need to apologize to its customers or vehicle owners. On Toyota USA Newsroom or official press release website, Toyota Motor Sales President and COO Jim Lentz appeared on a video apologizing to its consumers and gave some information about the remedies […]

Photo of the 2010 model of Toyota Camry

Toyota Recall List of Cars January 2010: Toyota Suspends Sales and Production of Selected Toyota Vehicles

The Toyota recall list of cars this January 2010 was announced by Toyota a few days ago. As of the 26th of January 2010, Toyota also announced the suspension of sales and production on selected Toyota cars or vehicles. The production and sales suspension applies only on car models under Toyota recall list. The specific […]

Rear View Image of Toyota PRIUS Hybrid Car 2010 Model

2010 Toyota PRIUS Hybrid Car: Third Generation Toyota PRIUS ZVW30 Hybrid Car Specs and Price

The 2010 Toyota PRIUS Hybrid Car had its debut at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show (North American International Auto Show). It is the third generation of Toyota PRIUS Hybrid Car specifically known as the ZVW30 model. Its production immediately in 2009 among three assembly plants in Asia. Toyota released the 2010 Toyota PRIUS Hybrid Car […]

Photo of the Toyota FT-CH Concept Car at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show

Toyota FT-CH Concept Car: Future Toyota Compact Hybrid Car at Detroit Auto Show 2010

The Toyota FT-CH Concept Car is a gasoline-electric powered vehicle. It is an expansion of Toyota’s family of hybrid cars. In the growing demand for hybrid and compact cars, Toyota created the FT-CH car as an option for customers. Toyota FT-CH Car was presented on January 11, 2010 in the annual North American International Auto […]

Photo of the Totoya Sequoia 2010 Model that is also on Toyota Recall January 2010

Toyota Recall January 2010: List of Cars in 2010 Toyota Safety Recall of Sticking Accelerator Pedals

Toyota Recall January 2010 was actually initiated by Toyota themselves. The huge car manufacturing company voluntarily filed a safety recall on selected Toyota Car models that was claimed to have sticking accelerator pads. This Toyota Recall of January 2010 brought about by sticking accelerator pedals is a separate case to the November 2009 Toyota Recall […]