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Google Voice Still For GrandCentral Users Only

We were hoping to sign up with Google Voice because of rumors that it’s going to be available for use by the public (internet users). However, Google Voice Help page stated that it is still to come. Hopefully, this will not take too long because we’re itching to try it out ourselves. For more info […]


Kodak Stops Kodachrome Production

News has it that Kodak will stop the production of Kodachrome after it failed to produce more money for the company. Kodachrome is one of Eastman Kodak Co.’s oldest products but after not making enough money, Kodak decided to discontinue its production. Reports also indicate that Kodachrome only contributed less than 1% of the company’s […]

Vector Scam: Is Vector Marketing a Scam?

Why is Vector Marketing considered a scam? For some experts in the industry, the Vector Scam as many claim, is not a new thing online. People entice you to buy products and promise a quick return of your investment and/or offer you jobs. The plot of Vector Scam is not too different from all other […]


Top 10 Xbox 360 Games 2009: Halo Wars Tops List

These are the top 10 Xbox 360 games for 2009. The list of top Xbox 360 games might change in a few days depending on many factors. At the moment, these are topping the charts based on access, purchases and rentals (Halo Wars declared as the Top Xbox 360 game):


WOW 3.0.8 Patch Download | Download WOW 3.0.8 Patch

The World of Warcraft 3.0.8 patch download is now available. WOW 3.0.8 patch download in an important update to the old WOW version. Download mirrors of WOW 3.0.8 patch are given below: Please verify which download mirror site works in your location.


Digital Globe or Google Earth? Our Globe in the Digital Age

Digital Globe or DigitalGlobe is a commercial vendor of space imagery and geospatial content, and operator of civilian remote sensing spacecraft. Just like Google Earth, Digital Globe takes photos of the globe via satellite imagery or aerial shots. The new Digital Globe promises to offer great digital earth photos or earth maps just the Google earth where […]


Majority of Children in the US Play Video Games, Research Shows

I’ve always been keen on video games and video gaming especially among children. However, a recent study in the US stated that majority of children play video games (97% combined for males and females aged 12-17). In the Philippines, this situation is similar. Most Filipino children I know are addicted to video games. This reminds […]


Spot Digitally Altered Images/Photos/Pictures

How do you spot digitally altered photographs/images/pictures? It’s a tough job, really. Learning how to spot digitally altered images/photos/pictures requires modern methods with the advent of modern softwares like Photoshop (which is highly capable of doctoring images), and more sophisticated imaging tools and gadgets. With available technologies in the market nowadays, spotting digitally altered images […]


After the Upgrade to PS3 Firmware Version 2.4.2 Sony PS3 and PSP Sales Up

Just afer Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) upgrade to 2.4.2 firmware was launched, another news about Sony was released. The news about Sony’s combined sales of Sony PS3 and PSP units must have been inspired by the successful outcome of PS3 update to 2.4.2.


PS3 Update 2.42 Ready for Download But Offers No Significant Improvement to the Old PS3 Firmware

If you love Sony’s PlayStation 3 (PS3), you should consider updating your Firmware to version 2.42. However, the PS3 update to 2.42 doesn’t offer much improvement to the old PS3 firmware because it only improves the playback quality of some PlayStation 3 and PlayStation format software. Hence, more bug fixes and updates are in order.