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Light & Sound Hat Price and Features

Light and Sound Hat: Built-in Speakers with Equalizer in a Hat

Aha, I’m not the only bald geek who wishes for a great way to hide my empty brain house. Some very naughty guys at Gadgets & Gears came up with a very cool way to help for balding or already bald geeks look trendy. The Light and Sound Hat is the world’s first head gear […]

SRS iWOW 3D Audio Enhancer for iPhone, iTouch, iPad Price, Review and Specs

iWow 3D Audio Enhancer for iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPod Touch Price and Features Detailed

Let’s admit it, the new iPad 2 may feature dual-core processor and a new powerhouse graphics accelerator but still Apple has yet to address the generic audio quality that their products produce. Other iPad accessories like Alesis iO Dock: Pro Audio Dock for iPad have already come out but if you value the rich timber […]

Panasonic Blu-Ray Disc Home Theater System SC-BT228 Price, Specs and Review

Panasonic SCBT228 1000W Blu-Ray Home Theater System Price and Specs

The Panasonic SCBT228 1000W Blu-Ray Home Theater System can be a good partner for widescreen HDTV’s such as the Vizio VF552XVT 55″ 1080p HDTV because it has HDMI port. It has space-saving speakers that can fit in small spaces.

Sony ALTUS Wireless Music System Price, Features and Review

Sony Wireless Music Bundle Sale: Sony Altus S-Air A33PC + Sony SA34R Speakers

Sony Wireless Music Bundle with transmitter, receiver, four wireless speakers and three remotes is currently offered for a very low price. The Sony Bundle actually includes the Sony ALTUS A33PC S-AIR wireless transmitter and receiver plus 2 sets of Sony ALTUS SA34R wireless speakers.

Zenex ZN-SP5325 MP3/iPod Docking and Speaker Price, Features and Review

Zenex ZN-SP5325 Wireless MP3/iPod Docking Speaker with Subwoofer on SALE

The Zenex ZN-SP5325 Wireless MP3/iPod Docking Speaker has a clever design created both for indoor and outdoor use. It may not be as portable as the Cy-fi Wireless Sport Speaker for iPod or Bluetooth because of the subwoofer.

Cy-fi Wireless Sport Speaker for iPod or Bluetooth, Cy-fi Wireless Sports Speaker Review, Cy-fi Wireless Sports Speaker Price, Cy-fi Wireless Sports Speaker Specs

Cy-fi Wireless Sport Speaker for iPod or Bluetooth Price and Features

The Cy-fi Wireless Sport Speaker for iPod or Bluetooth is considered the world’s first high fidelity wireless sports speaker. This portable speaker is lightweight and just about the size of your palm. It is a better iPod speaker to carry around than the DreamGear Audio Box.

TOSHIBA TY-WSD9 Wireless Speaker Price, Technical Specs, Features and Release Date

Toshiba TY-WSD9 Wireless Speaker Preview: Cheap Speakers That Are Also Waterproof

If you enjoy listening to music while you soak in your bath tub or under the shower but cannot afford a Sony ALTUS ALT-A33PC S-AIR Wireless Audio Delivery System, I highly recommend you consider buying the new Toshiba TY-WSD9 multi-function wireless speaker. Toshiba’s latest speakers boast an exceptional waterproof IPX4 construction. This ingenious design makes […]

Logitech Z515 Wireless Speaker Price, Specs, Release Date

Logitech Z515 Wireless Rechargeable Speaker for Netbooks and Smartphones

Now that more and more people are quitting the desktop PC and using netbooks, mobile phones and tablet computers, it is only logical that manufacturers follow the trend. One such company is Logitech. Their new Z515 Wireless Speaker offers a wallet-friendly solution to mobile audiophiles.

Circuit City C91-41294 Review, Circuit City C91-41294 Specs, Circuit City Wireless Speaker Review, Circuit City C91-41294 Wireless Speaker Price, Circuit City Wireless Speaker Holiday Deal

Circuit City C91-41294 Wireless Speaker System Christmas Sale

Happy Holidays! For those looking for a cheap speaker system with an iPod dock, Circuit City has one. A wireless sound system that has a 100-feet range and a built-in subwoofer was branded by Circuit City. It closely resembles the features of Philips DC912/37 Entertainment System with iPod Dock and Wireless Subwoofer.

Sony ALTUS ALT-SA34R Socket Speaker Review, Sony ALTUS ALT-SA34R Socket Speaker Price, Sony ALTUS ALT-SA34R Socket Speaker Specs

Sony ALTUS 2.5 Watt ALT-SA34R Wireless Speaker System Specs, Features and Price

Most gadgets nowadays are going wireless. From wireless phones and wireless televisions, now we also have wireless speaker systems. The only wire they couldn’t cut off is the power cord unless the thing has its own power source.