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Comodo System Cleaner Free Software Download

Comodo System Cleaner: Free Utility Suite that Keeps Windows PC Secured and Efficient

Although we are already enjoying the many features of Windows 7 OS, some tech-savvy people still dismiss it as buggy compared to Mac OS X or Linux. Microsoft’s premium desktop operating system has yet to equal the reliability of Apple’s OS. Thankfully, third-party developers created system utilities that address the shortcomings of Windows 7 and […]

File Repair 2.1 Free Software Download

File Repair 2.1: The Most Powerful Free File Repair Utility for Windows

I work in a digital photo lab printer and it pains me every time to receive corrupted JPEG files which really upset my customer because they can’t have their precious moments printed. It’s very easy to recover pictures from corrupted memory cards with the many freeware programs available online but I would like to share […]

SpaceSniffer Freeware Utility Disk Cleaner for Windows

SpaceSniffer Freeware: Amazing Real Time Disk Space Analyzer

No matter how large the hard drive is, it will still get filled up fast with multiple junk files that slow down computers. Windows 7 owners should know about this sad plight. They buy 1Terabyte hard drives and yet they keep getting “Disk Full” message every now and then. This is why I dislike Windows […]

Norton Internet Security 2012 Beta Download and New Features Discussed

Norton Internet Security 2012 Available Now for US$40 with 1 Year Subscription

Symantec must be feeling the pressure from numerous anti-virus softwares that are now in the market. They let the public test for free the beta version of their Norton Internet Security 2012. Once dominant in the antivirus sector, Norton has lost most of their loyal customers to Kaspersky, ESET NOD32 and even to AVAST and […]

DiskInternals Zip Repair 1.0 Tool is a Free Software Utility

Fix Corrupted Zip Files with DiskInternals ZIP Repair 1.0 Free Tool

I’m sure that just like me you also had the terrible experience of receiving corrupted .zip files. It is very frustrating to get these cannot-be-opened-due-to-bad-CRC files.

Minimem Ram Optimization Free Program

Minimem Freeware RAM Optimizer Keeps Windows PC Memory Optimized

Let’s face it, some of you are just like me. We abuse our computers with multiple tab web browsing and we like to run several applications at once without regard to our PC’s health.