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4chan Tumblr: 4chan vs. Tumblr Micro-Blogging Site

What is 4Chan and Tumblr? 4Chan is an English-language imageboard website launch in 2003. It was the controversial site blocked by AT&T in 2009 and was written in our article – AT&T Blocks 4chan Website for Alleged DDOS Attack.

Yahoo Website Offline

Yahoo.com Homepage and Search Went Down! “Connection Timed Out” Error Seen

The world’s most-visited homepage on the internet went down on October 14, 2010. Yahoo.com’s website frontpage went inaccessible for some time starting 2:30PM PDT.

New Twitter Screenshot

New Twitter Makes Embedding of Youtube Videos and Uploading of Photos a Breeze

Have you noticed the New Twitter homepage lately? It’s not just the new design of the homepage that makes the new Twitter a successful social networking site. The new Twitter is about a healthier interaction between members. Guess what? Twitter’s about to be re-modeled!

Facebook-Android Team Up

Facebook Android OS SDK for Developers Supports Advanced Authentication via OAuth 2.0

Facebook has finally acknowledged the fast-rising popularity of Android OS. Recently, the mobile development team of Facebook has released the official Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Android OS platform. You can test out the beta version by downloading it from http://github.com/facebook/facebook-android-sdk/. This is a big turnaround policy for them since they always favored the […]

0.facebook.com Partners in Different Countries Photo

Facebook Mobile Website Version 0.facebook.com Partners and Wireless Carriers

Facebook has partnered up with telephone companies in more than 50 countries to support this new mobile website’s free access policy. Just like what I am enjoying now, check if your phone company is one of those supporting this new zero-data fee surfing of Facebook’s mobile website version 0.facebook.com. Here’s a picture below showing all […]

0.Facebook.com for Mobile Phones Launched

Facebook’s 0.facebook.com is a Faster Mobile Website Version

Hey, folks, may we take a moment off from lambasting Facebook for their privacy-violations. In case you didn’t know, I am now enjoying much faster access to Facebook from my Samsung Galaxy S i9000 android phone. I am also delighted to discover that my Facebook visits aren’t eating up my phone’s monthly data plan. This […]

Facebook Apps Get An Addition With Facebook Stories

Facebook “Stories” App Launched after Facebook Users Reached 500 Million in Number

I’m sure Google and Yahoo aren’t happy with this news especially that Google Me social networking platform is in the works. Facebook, after only 6 years of existence, has reached a major milestone by reaching 500 million members. The social networking site’s young founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made this significant announcement on his blog. […]

Google Me Logo

Google Me Social Networking Platform is Being Developed According to Ex-Facebook CTO

First it was Digg.com founder Kevin Rose who started the rumor that Google has been recruiting people to create their new social networking platform tentatively called Google Me. This social networking site is rumored to compete (and probably destroy) Facebook, which recently added Face Detection Technology as a new feature. He hinted that he was […]

Google and Zynga Sample Photo

Google Me Social Networking Site: Google Joins Zynga Games vs Facebook

Google Me, the next-gen social networking from the internet sensation, Google, is actually real. A source close to Zynga officials has leaked that advertising behemoth Google secretly invested at least $100 million dollars to Zynga last month. While both Google and Zynga refused to confirm this rumor, multiple sources have confirmed this deal. Another source […]

Quit Facebook Day Launched

Quit Facebook Day Launched by 32K Users Who Quit Facebook

More than 32K users have quit Facebook on Monday. This same group of ex-Facebook members launched a “Quit Facebook Day” and have started to encourage other users to quit the biggest social networking site as of today. According to these Facebook quitters, privacy policies in Facebook have been violated. Farmville and Mafia Wars players in […]