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Samsung Galaxy S III Features and Globe Plan

Samsung Galaxy S III Pebble Blue and Marble White Globe Plans in the Philippines

If you’ve been waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S III release date in the Philippines, it’s here and Globe Telecoms is already accepting orders for the new android phone with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS. The Samsung Galaxy S 3 comes in two colors: pebble blue and marble white and advertisements online are virtually […]

Samsung Blaze 4G Android Phone Release Date and Price

New Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Android Phone Released by T-Mobile USA

The Samsung Blaze 4G Smartphone is one of the Galaxy S Android phones. It was one of the New Smartphones 2012 showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show last January in Las Vegas.

Galaxy Ace Plus Android Phone Release Date, Feautures and Price

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 Android Smartphone Released

Samsung made a lot of money on the Galaxy Ace Android phone they launched last year and it’s no surprise they are selling a successor model of it. The new Galaxy Ace Plus S7500 has hit commercial distribution around the globe last February.

Samsung Galaxy Note 16GB Tablet PC Smartphone Sale Price

Samsung 16GB Galaxy Note 3G Unlocked World Phone with Android OS on SALE

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3-inch 4G LTE Android Smartphone and Tablet PC is a highly-advertised gadget on television. With its huge 5.3-inch display, it’s a fusion of a mobile phone and tablet computer.

CES 2012 - Samsung Galaxy Note Specs and Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3-inch 4G LTE Android Smartphone and Tablet PC

The Samsung Galaxy Note, a fusion of smartphone and tablet computer was one of highlighted handsets at the recent CES 2012. It’s been announced as early as the last quarter of 2011 but it gained more exposure at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012.

Samsung SGH-T404G Cell Phone Price and Specifications

Samsung T404 TracFone Messaging Phone: Cheap QWERTY Cell Phone but a Quality Gift

One of my many god daughters, Tatyana, has been bugging me for a mobile phone this coming Christmas. She’s my favorite so I’m really thinking that instead of giving her cash, I might as well buy her a new cellphone. Thankfully, Samsung has recently launched their budget messaging phone, the T404. This Samsung T404 Handset […]

Samsung Hercules Android Phone Specs, Details and Release Date

Samsung Hercules Android Phone Release Date Leaked, Hardware Specs Impressive to the Core

If you are not impressed with T-Mobile LG G2x or HTC Sensation dual-core Android phones, you should be pleased that Samsung Hercules smartphone is coming to T-Mobile on September 26. Unlike other smartphones, the Samsung Hercules specs may not be sporting Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chip but will probably use Qualcomm’s 1.2GHz dual-core APQ8060 processor.

Samsung Dart Android Phone Price and Features

Free Samsung Dart Android OS 2.2 Smartphone on T-Mobile

Own a free Samsung Dart Android 2.2 Smartphone. This is good news for the Americans! T-Mobile is giving it away for $0.00 to those who will sign up for a cheap 2-year service contract. The Samsung Dart won’t compete with Samsung Galaxy S II Android Phone, but this compact handset offers full Android features.

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Price & Release Date

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Android Phone Release Date Leaked by Radioshack

After so much coyness on the part of T-Mobile, Radioshack tweeted that T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Android Phone will finally hit their stores on April 20. Looks like Radioshack landed a sweet distribution deal with the carrier and we will be seeing the Samsung Sidekick 4G on the shelves of Radioshack starting on the said release […]

Samsung GenoA C3510 Review, Samsung GenoA C3510 Specs, Samsung GenoA C3510 Price, Samsung GenoA C3510 Features, Samsung GT-C3510 Review

Samsung GenoA C3510 TouchScreen Phone Price and Features

Samsung has recently released Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 that are pretty expensive at 33,000PHP ($725). However, Samsung also got budget phones that can connect to social networks.