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16GB Galaxy Tab 10.1" and SD Card Reader Bundle Sale

Galaxy Tab 10.1″ w/ SD Card Reader by Samsung on Hot Package Deal

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ Android Tablet PC Model #GT-P7510 features Google’s Android 3.1 operating system. It comes in 16GB (Model #GT-P7510MAYXAB) that cost $499.99 and 32GB (Model #GT-P7510MAVXAB) that’s $100 more expensive at $599.99.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" GT-P7510 Android Tablet PC Models and Price

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ Android Tablet PC Model #GT-P7510 with Android OS 3.1

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch Tablet PC with Android OS 3.1 “Honeycomb” is the largest tablet computer model by Samsung. It’s a good option for those who don’t like a small 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" WiFi 3G Tablet PC Price with Contract

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ 16GB Android Tablet with Wi-Fi & 3G Gets a Huge Price Cut

Verizon gave Samsung Galaxy Tab a price cut earlier this year since other 7-inch Android tablet PC models were released. Samsung also launched other variants of the Galaxy Tab including a huge 10.1-inch model.

Sprint Releases Free Samsung Galaxy Tab Firmware Update (EA24 Patch)

New Free EA24 Patch/Firmware OTA Update for Samsung Galaxy Tab by Sprint Rolling Out

Forget about the BlackBerry PlayBook Stereoscopic 3D Display for now. If you own a Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab, please be notified that the carrier just released a new firmware update for your device. The EA24 patch fixes the annoying Exchange email issues and also brings a QIK software update to version 0.04.77. There’s also new […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Price Cut

Verizon Cuts Price of Samsung Galaxy Tab to $500 Still Contract-Free

To celebrate the New Year, Verizon is giving away a $100 discount for their popular Android tablet from Samsung. As of January 3, the Samsung Galaxy Tab can now be yours for only $499.99 from Verizon’s online shop and retail outlets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab and Mobile Broadband Price on Vodafone

Samsung Galaxy Tab Release Date on Vodafone UK, Australia, Europe

Apple collaborated with mobile wireless internet providers to launch services for the iPad. The iPad 3G on AT&T with Data Plan was launched this October alongside the Verizon iPad with MiFi Mobile Hotspot. Samsung did the same for their Galaxy Tab.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Verizon and T-Mobile

T-Mobile and Verizon to Launch Samsung Galaxy Tab Earlier than Sprint

The tablet PC industry is booming as one of those great portable wireless gadgets. To increase sales, excellent marketing strategies were implemented by the tablet PC manufacturers. Tablet PC manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung built allies with 3G and mobile internet service providers to market their products.

Samsung Galaxy Tab on Sprint

Samsung Galaxy Tab Release Date and Price on Sprint

The Apple iPad Tablet PC allied with AT&T and Verizon Wireless for mobile internet and 3G services. The iPad 3G on AT&T comes with data plans (domestic and international 3G services) while the Verizon iPad was bundled with the MiFi Mobile Hotspot. If AT&T and Verizon are with Apple, Sprint wasn’t behind because they also […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC Sample Photo (4 Pictures)

Samsung Galaxy Tablet Price in the US, Australia and UK Lowered

We gave you a preview of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet price in the past. We were, like you, shocked with the high Samsung Galaxy Tablet PC’s price when its release date was announced at a later time. Imagine, the original SRP was almost US$1,100 or 800 Euros. But things got a little more friendly to […]

Samsung Orion Processor Official photos

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC Will Not Have Samsung’s Dual-Core Orion Processor

While the Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC is still enjoying tremendous public appreciation at IFA 2010, other companies are stealing the limelight. Toshiba launched their Toshiba Folio 100 Android tablet PC with Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chip, which is a dual-core processor, and is therefore touted to be more powerful than the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The […]