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BlackBerry PlayBook Release Date in the US; Features Comparison With iPad 2

BlackBerry PlayBook Release Date vs iPad 2 Tablet PC: Which is Better Overall?

With the entire web currently abuzz with Apple’s latest unveiling of the iPad 2 Tablet PC, insiders at rival Research in Motion has leaked to tech bloggers that their own tablet product, the Blackberry PlayBook whose release date in the US is on April 10. RIM’s publicists are cunningly using the current iPad 2 frenzy […]

Blackbery PlayBook Sample Photo

RIM Shows Off Blackberry PlayBook Tablet PC aka Blackberry Blackpad

RIM finally revealed the Blackberry Playbook Tablet! Research In Motion’s CEO Mike Lazaridis unveiled the company’s new Blackberry Playbook tablet PC at the company’s annual BlackBerry Developer Conference. Formerly rumored to be the Blackberry Cobalt and Blackberry BlackPad, the PlayBook is RIM’s entry to the fast-rising tablet computer market currently dominated by Apple iPad Tablet […]