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Sample Photo of the Eco-Friendly Nokero N100 Solar-Powered LED Bulbs

Nokero N100 Solar-Powered LED Bulb Review: Practical and Environment-Friendly

Here’s our very own Nokero N100 Review. FYI, Nokero N100 is the world’s first and only solar-powered LED bulb. These LED bulbs are becoming popular despite their high-cost. However, the price of Nokero N100 LED bulbs is relatively cheap. Environmentally-conscious people are now replacing their CFL and incandescent lighting systems with energy-saving LED lighting which […]

Puma Phone Attached Image

Puma Phone Technical Specs, Features and Hands-On Demo Video

If the solar-powered Puma Phone interests you, you should perhaps know more about its technical specs and key features. You should also watch the Youtube video (demo) of this new environment-friendly mobile phone that’s sure to be loved by environmentalists. Read more about how this phone model from a renowned shoe-maker can help the environment. […]

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Solar-Powered Puma Phone Review: Price, Release Date and Photo

The sporting goods company Puma has teamed up with Sagem Wireless to create the first ever active and stylistic Puma Phone. Puma was a surprise at Mobile World Congress because nobody was expecting this sports apparel manufacturer to venture in to the smart phone business. I am astonished that the legendary leaping Puma logo is […]