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Square Enix Chrono Trigger for PSP and PS3 News Update

Chrono Trigger RPG Game Coming to the PSP and PlayStation 3

Sony’s head honchos finally realized their mistake. Their previous decision not to accept the world’s best ever Japanese-made RPG game, Chrono Trigger has caused them lots of lost profits. Nintendo’s launching of Chrono Trigger for the DS handheld platform in 2008 sure helped make it the world’s best mobile gaming platform, replacing the once-mighty Playstation […]

PSP Games Release Date and Price Set by NeoGeo

SNK Playmore Releases Classic NEOGEO Games for PSP Like “The King of Fighters”

Bring back the nostalgia of your childhood years! SNK Playmore USA announced they are releasing 8 classic NeoGeo games for the PlayStation Portable (PSP). Relive those exciting days of playing such iconic games like Art of Fighting, Alpha Mission II and my favorite, The King of Fighters ’94.

Angy Birds Playstation 3 and PSP Version

Rovio Releasing Angry Birds for the PlayStation 3 and PSP

The world just got turned upside down. The old adage that console games should have mobile phone version has just been violated by Rovio – maker of the gazillion-selling iPhone game Angry Birds. The developer is releasing a Playstation Mini version of Angry Birds that will work for both the PS3 and PSP!

Airplay Arcade SDK Sample Photo

Ideaworks Multi-Platform Airplay Arcade SDK Allows Coding of PSP Games and Mobile Game Apps

The developer of the popular Airplay SDK, Ideaworks Labs, announced they are launching a brand new tool for game developers. The Airplay Arcade is their latest SDK product that is being touted as the ultimate multi-platform tool because it will allow developers to write their game code just once and have it be immediately compatible […]

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep PlayStation Portable Game

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Video Game for PlayStation Portable (PSP 3000)

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is an action role-playing game exclusively developed for Sony’s PlayStation Portable gaming console. It was developed and published by Square Enix. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is the sixth installment in the Kingdom Hearts Series which came next after the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Video Game.