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PS Vita Release Date and Price

PS Vita Gaming Console Release Date and Price in the US, Canada and Japan

The PS Vita Handheld Gaming Console is actually Sony’s next-generation PlayStation Portable (PSP). As a concept device, it was called the Sony PSP NGP Gaming Console that has a quad-core processor and 5-inch multi-touch capable touchscreen.

Excelsior DVB-T Mobile TV Review, Specs, Features and Price

Excelsior DVB-T Mobile TV: Cheap 7-inch Portable TV with Digital Recording and Video Games

When you are travelling in places where there is not 3G of Wi-Fi signal and you want to get rid of the long boring hours, here’s a perfect toy for you to have. Chinavasion, the maker of the highly functional but cheap Portable Mobile Phone and GPS Jammer, is selling the Excelsior DVB-T Mobile TV […]

LeapFrog LeapPad Tablet PC Release Date, Specs and Price

LeapFrog LeapPad Tablet PC for Kids Unveiled: Educational Tool That’s Also Fun To Use

LeapFrog is famous for making educational toys and books for kids. They want to squeeze more profits from parents by introducing a Tablet PC specifically created for kids. The new LeapFrog LeapPad Tablet PC is rugged to withstand the abuse from hyperactive kids.

Photo of Aqua Blue Nintendo 3DS Portable Gaming Console

Nintendo 3DS Release Date: Nintendo Reveals 3DS Release Dates and Price

The Nintendo 3DS release date and price were finally announced on September 29, 2010. It has been quite a long wait since the Nintendo 3DS announcement in March 2010. Well, Nintendo 3DS release date or release dates is now available. The Nintendo 3DS release date varies in four locations.

Blue Nintendo 3DS Gaming Console

3DS Update: Nintendo 3DS Gaming Console Features and Specs

The Nintendo 3DS Gaming Console design isn’t final yet but Nintendo released a preview of its features and specs. Most of the Nintendo 3DS features revealed were the common features integrated for a gaming console such as its display screen, built-in Wi-Fi, game controls, sound and others. Here is a preview on what features the […]

Nintendo 3DS Gaming Console Announcement E3 2010

Nintendo 3DS Update: Nintendo 3DS Gaming Console Price and Release Date Not Announced

When Nintendo 3DS gaming console was introduced last March 23, Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata kept his promise on the 3DS official announcement. The Japanese company said it will debut the Nintendo 3DS during this year’s E3 conference and they have delivered on that pact. No less than Iwata himself made the presentation for the world’s […]

No PS3 3D Games in Playstation 3 3.30 Software Update

PS3 3D Games Not Included in the Free Playstation 3 Software Update

Soy announced a few days ago that PS3 3D games or Playstation 3 3D stereoscopic games are not yet available for the PS3 Gaming console despite the release of the latest system software update v3.30 (as of 04/22/2010). You can, by the way, download the free upgrade or update to your PS3 system software 3.30 […]

Gran Turismo 5 3D Game on PlayStation 3 3D Gaming Console

Sony PlayStation 3 3D Gaming: Sony Delivers 3D Gaming Experience on PlayStation 3 Console

Sony is serious in delivering 3D home entertainment this 2010 including the Sony PlayStation 3 3D experience. Aside from the Sony BRAVIA 3DTV, Sony PlayStation 3 3D Gaming will be launched this 2010. PlayStation 3 units will be able to play 3D stereoscopic games. This means the Sony PS3 3D Gaming won’t run “real 3D” […]

Photo of Nintendo 3DS Glasses-Free 3D Portable Gaming Console - Unofficial

Nintendo 3DS Gaming Console: Will Nintendo 3DS Provide Real 3D or Optical Illusion?

Nintendo 3DS Handheld Gaming Device was recently announced by Nintendo. However, the gaming console manufacturing company did not divulge any information on how the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console will be like. The only thing we know is that the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming device will be a glasses-free device.