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Refurbished Sylvania Portable DVD Player 10-Inch Model

Refurbished Sylvania Swivel 10-Inch Portable DVD Player with USB, Battery Plus SD Card Reader

If you have kids and are likely with you when you travel, buy a Sylvania Swivel 10″ Portable DVD Player to keep them busy with Barney, music files or other movies that might keep them quiet while you drive. The features and some technical specs of Sylvania Swivel 10-Inch Portable DVD Player may not appeal […]

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Philips PET741 7″ Portable DVD Player on Target’s Holiday Sale

Target online store is one of the great stores to find the best Holiday deals this season. The store offers lot of discounted items such as audio systems, iPod Nano 6th gen music players, LCD HDTV’s and portable DVD players.

Philips PD7012/37B Review, Philips PD7012/37B Comparison Review, Philips PD7012/37B Price

Philips 7″ LCD Dual Screen Car Portable DVD Player PD7012/37B Cheap Deal

Portable DVD players come in handy for those who just want an instant viewing entertainment on gadgets right from their bag packs. Portable DVD players are bulky compared to pocket-sized portable media players but they have larger viewable screens.

Philips PD7012/37B Review, Philips PD7012/37B Features, Philips PD7012/37B Specs, Philips PD7012/37B Portable DVD Player Review

Philips PD7012/37B Portable DVD Player with Dual 7″ LCD Screens and Built-in Speakers

Home theater systems are already becoming common within households. It’s like bringing the cinematic experience right in your living room or entertainment center. For cars, it’s hard to fit an HDTV and a DVD player inside unless it already came as a built-in feature.

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Macy’s Black Friday 2010 Sale on GPS Devices and DVD Players

The Macy’s Black Friday 2010 Ads: Macy’s Black Friday Electronics Sale posted on our site included cheap camcorder, digital cameras and eReader deals. This time, let us take a look at Macy’s Black Friday 2010 deals for DVD/Bluray players, kids’ laptops and GPS devices.

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Walmart’s Cyber Monday Deal: Philips 7-Inch Portable DVD Player with Case | Best Cyber Monday 2009 Deals

Among the best Cyber Monday 2009 deals is the Philips 7-Inch Portable DVD Player with bonus Philips Case. The 7″ Philips Portable DVD Player looks more like a mini notebook making it really cool. This Philips 7-Inch Portable DVD Player was also featured as a great 2009 Black Friday Deal. Now, it is one of […]