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Jailbreak PS3: Jailbreak Playstation 3 with PS Jailbreak USB Dongle

USB Dongle to Jailbreak PS3 Works on Sony Playstation 3 Firmware 3.42 and 3.50 Versions

The world’s first USB dongle jailbreaking tool for the PlayStation 3 can now jailbreak PS3 consoles with firmware versions 3.42 and 3.50! Despite Sony’s recent aggressive initiative to prevent jailbreaking of their gaming console, the hackers win again. If you downloaded the PS3 Update 3.50, read more below.

Netflix PS3 Software Update Rolling Out

Netflix PlayStation 3 Software Update (PS3 Update) Issued Today

Before reading this article, we’d like to offer you two articles in the past that have a direct bearing on this current new. Head on to these links first if you haven’t updated your PS3 yet – PS3 Update 3.50 Download: PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 3.50 Now Available and in this article, in view of […]

PS3 System Update 3.50 Version

PS3 Update 3.50 with Blu-Ray 3D Playback and Adobe Flash Player 9 Support

PS3 Update 3.50 Download was released last week. This PS3 3.50 system update (firmware or software upgrade) features support for Blu-Ray 3D disc playback. The 3.50 update for PS3 Firmware also featured Adobe Flash Player 9 which lets you enjoy the web better. With PS3 Update 3.50, you can watch videos and play flash-based games […]

Screenshot of PS3 Update 3.50 Firmware Download

PS3 Update 3.50 Download: PlayStation 3 Firmware Update 3.50 Now Available

The PS3 Update 3.50 Download is now available on PlayStation 3’s official site. PS3 Update 3.50 release date is today September 21, 2010 and this latest PS3 update can be downloaded from PlayStation’s official site. One of the highlights of the PS3 Update 3.50 is its Blu-Ray 3D Disc playback feature. Learn more about this […]

No PS3 3D Games in Playstation 3 3.30 Software Update

PS3 3D Games Not Included in the Free Playstation 3 Software Update

Soy announced a few days ago that PS3 3D games or Playstation 3 3D stereoscopic games are not yet available for the PS3 Gaming console despite the release of the latest system software update v3.30 (as of 04/22/2010). You can, by the way, download the free upgrade or update to your PS3 system software 3.30 […]

PS3 Update 3.10 Features: Latest Changes in PlayStation 3 Firmware v3.10 Update

PS3 Update 3.10 Features: Latest Changes in PlayStation 3 Firmware v3.10 Update

PS3 Update 3.10 or PlayStation 3 Firmware v3.10 Update is now available! If you haven’t downloaded it yet, try reading some info on the latest PlayStation firmware changes integrated in v3.10 update. Provided below is the list of the PlayStation 3 software changes on its system, media and settings. Our previous post gave a preview […]


PS3 Update 3.00 Review: PlayStation 3 Update 3.0 Review

PS3 Update 3.00 was released yesterday August 31, 2009 in the US and one PlayStation user gave his quick PS3 Update 3.00 Review. This latest PlayStation 3 System Softwate upgrade (PS3 Update 3.00) showcased a bunch of new features including PS3 Dynamic Themes or Animated Themes. More of PS3 Update 3.00 features were presented in […]


Animated PS3 Themes: PS3 Dynamic Themes Images

These are some of the images of the animated PS3 themes also branded as PS3 Dynamic themes. They can be acquired via the Playstation store and the link to a more detailed article on PS3 dynamic themes (note: watch the animation in the video) can be found via the link given. Avatars, not just dynamic […]


PS3 Dynamic Themes and Premium Avatars in PS3 Update 3.00

PS3 Dynamic Themes are now available via PS3 update 3.00. These PS3 dynamic themes and avatars are animated, customizable and are fun to play with. These are some of the latest features included in the firmware upgrade recently launched by Sony Playstation and is now ready for free download. The dynamic themes and avatars in […]


PS3 Update 3.00: Announced PS3 3.0 Update and Exciting New Features

PS3 Update ver 3.00 was announced as early as August 18, 2009. Features of PS3 Update 3.00 or 3.0, depending on your numbering convention has been anticipated by gamers worldwide. This update to PS3 firmware version 3.00 will include the following features, according the Playstation Blog. These info have been made known to the public […]