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Panasonic GT50 Plasma TV Features

Panasonic TC-PGT50 Plasma HDTV Series with Progressive 3D Full HD Display

The Panasonic GT50 Plasma TV is a series of 3D-capable HDTV showcased at the CES 2012 event in Las Vegas. It was the second best HDTV line-up by Panasonic which boasted its elegant design. It’s a huge improvement from the Panasonic Viera Z1 Series Plasma TV.

Sample 3DTV: Sony Bravia XBR-LX900 3DTV Series at CES 2010

CES 2010 3DTV: Round-Up of 3DTVs Launched at the Consumer Electronics Show 2010

The CES 2010 or Consumer Electronics Show 2010 was the instrument for the debut of a new technology in viewing 3D images through television. Television manufacturers or brands are now competing in making the best 3DTV or 3D compatible TVs. CES 2009 was the first event to launch 3D compatible image viewing devices like 3D […]